Local plants are used in the preparation of these medicines.

a) Ice is placed on the bee sting area, otherwise it is put under cold water or mud is smeared.

b) One bundle of parsley is crushed, and wrapped around the bee sting area.

c) Garlic is smeared on the bee sting area.

For Dropping Fever
a) A piece of wet cloth with vinegar is placed on forehead, neck, hands, feet, and body. This process is repeated until the body fever drops to normal level.

b) A solution of squeezed lemon and aspiring are mixed; this solution is smeared on forehead, etc. of patient.

c) A mixture of spirits, aspirin, one-two drops of olive oil is smeared on joints of the body.

Asthma For forty days, a pigeon egg is drunk on an empty stomach.

a) Black cabbage leaves are heated on fire and placed on the location giving pain. This process is repeated frequently.

b) Flax seed is boiled mush and mixed with amounts of henna and naphtha oil smeared on the paining location. This process is repeated once per day for several days.

c) Dry tobacco is crumbled and mixed with Raki and made into a cream. This mixture is smeared over the paining location as pomade.

d) Fine sand is fried and mixed with smashed olives with its seeds. This hot mixture is smeared over the paining location and wrapped up. This process is repeated in three-four days.

Pain in Foot Rock Salt is dissolved in hot water and feet are kept in this hot water for ten minutes.

Preparation used for killing pain inflicted by twists: Onion with salt or olive is crushed in mortar and this mixture is smeared over the twisted joint.

a) One potato is cut in circular slices with coffee scattered over it, and wrapped on the forehead. 

b) A lemon is cut in circular slices and wrapped on the forehead.

c) Animal bile and henna are mixed and wrapped on the forehead; this is kept for several hours.

a) Flax seed and fever sugar are mixed and crushed in a mortar and eaten.

b) One slice of toasted bread is dipped into vinegar and then placed on the chest.

Tonsil Cotton is soaked with spirits and sprinkled with black pepper and is wrapped around the throat.

For Renal Stone
a) Medlar (pirus germanica) leaf is boiled and drunk like tea; this process continuous until the stone drops.

b) Parsley juice or yoghurt is drunk every morning.

Bleeding of Nose Eggshell is burnt to ash and is sniffed.

For Haemorrhoids
a) Garlic is smeared and this process is repeated continuously in every morning.

b) Wild rose core is boiled and drunk like tea.

For Whitlow Okra is boiled with milk and wrapped around the finger.

For Cold (Catarrh) Mint with lemon or lime is boiled and drunk like tea.

Sty : Garlic is smeared over sty.

a) One aspirin is mixed with a glass of a soft drink and drunk, this preparation is drunk, then diarrhea stops.

b) One spoon of coffee is mixed with lemon juice and drunk.

c) One tea glass of yoghurt and carbonate is mixed

For Cancer In summer, seed, and in winter, dry nettle, is boiled like tea and drunk every morning on empty stomach.

For mumps Patient eats red “Halvah.” Black soot from a frying pan is smeared on mumps.

Swelling of Stomach Bran and vinegar are mixed, heated, and wrapped around stomach.

Calcification Fish oil is applied on places where calcification occurred.

Earache One drop of leek juice is dropped inside the ear.

Bite of Dog Bread yeast is strapped on the place bitten by dog.

Stomach Ache
a) Honey and milk are mixed and drunk.

b) Elecampane root is boiled and drunk like tea.

c) “Tahin helvasi” (sweet made of sesame oil and sugar) is eaten on empty stomach.

d) Wart leaf is chewed and swallowed.

a) Roasted egg-plant is mixed with powder henna and is placed on eczema and strapped with a cloth.

b) Peach leaf is boiled and drunk like tea for ten days

c) Meat of hedgehog is eaten.

d) Seed of elder tree (Sumbucus nigra) is swallowed.

Chest Disease Marked by Difficulty in Breathing
a) Nettle is boiled and drunk everyday as tea. 

b) Black radish is carved and filled with honey. A small hole is opened under radish and is placed on the mouth of a vessel. It is kept overnight, and then the leaked honey is eaten.

c) Pine cone is boiled and drunk like tea.

a) One spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice are mixed and drunk. This process is continued on several days every morning on empty stomach.

b) Apple, lime and lemon skin are boiled together and drunk every morning on an empty stomach like tea.

c) Parsley is eaten.

Rash Dry reed ash is cooked and smeared.

a) Horse chestnut and sugar candy are crushed, mixed and eaten.

b) One tin of barley is added in one cauldron of water and is boiled and then the temperature of water is dropped to a moderate level. Patient enters inside the cauldron and remains there for an hour. This process is repeated for several days.

c) One bundle of Sultan herb is placed in one cauldron of water and is boiled and then temperature of water is dropped to moderate level. Patient enters inside the cauldron and remains there for one hour. This process is repeated for several days.

d) Patient is buried up to his/her neck in manure, and kept for one hour.

e) One glass of grated celery root juice is drunk.

Hair In springtime, vine stems are chopped and their dropping liquid is collected in a bottle. The head is washed with this liquid for growing hair long and prevent losing hair.

Jaundice The forehead or chest of patient is scratched with a razor blade.

a) A cupping-glass is applied.

b) Honey is applied on aching places, and red or black pepper is sprinkled on. Then, a perforated newspaper with a towel on top is placed. The patient remains one night in this manner and his operation is frequently repeated.

Malaria A wild plant with a small pink flower called “malaria weed” is boiled and drunk like tea.

For Boil or Wounds
a) “Ribbed Plant” (sinir otu) is applied on boils and wounds, if not found, cabbage or tomato leaves are wrapped.

b) Soap, a piece of salammoniac (ammonia) are placed inside an onion and cooked; it is applied on boils or wounds at normal temperature.

For Bites of Poisonous Animal Match head is rubbed and this substance is applied on the bitten area.

Reference: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Turkey

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