Clock Tower in İzmir
The Clock Tower, which enhances Konak Square like a pearl with its extreme graceful appearance, is a monument of art as it faces the sea. The tower was built in 1901 by the Grand Vizier Küçük Sait Pasha by order of Sultan Abdülhamit. The clock was a present of the German Emperor, Wilhelm Il. The water of the fountains and ponds around the Clock Tower, which is the symbol of the city, flows down marble troughs.


Clock Tower in Antalya
The Clock Tower was built at the end of the l9th century. 
It has a square-plan and is made of rough and hewn stone. 
The clock tower is located in the Kaleiçi (Inner Citadel) District where the old Antalya houses are.


Clock Tower in Çorum
The Clock Tower was built in 1894 by the Beşiktaş Guard, Yedi Sekiz Hasan Pasha who was from Çorum. Its height is 27.5 meters and it is a symbol of the city.


Clock Tower in Kayseri
The Clock Tower is located in Republican Square in the center of the city. It was built in 1919. It has a square-plan. There is a small room near the tower which was used as the clock room for the timekeeper of prayers. There are four clocks on all four sides of the tower. There are two windows and an entrance on the northern side of the small room and one window on each side of the room.
 The door and windows are arch-shaped and have a triangular- ornament on the front. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk addressed the people here when he came to Kayseri.

Clock Tower in Sungurlu 
Sungurlu district is in the center of the province of Çorum. The clock tower was built by the Sub- Governor Ediy Bey in 1892. It has an interior staircase.


Clock Tower in Bursa
The Clock Tower is located near the tombs of Osman and Orhan Gazi. Its construction was completed in 1906. lt has six storeys and is 25 meters high.


Clock Tower in Yozgat
The Clock Tower was built by Şakir Usta in 1908. It is situated in the center of the province and is shaped like a square prism. It has six floors and a conical shape like a bell on its upper part. The bell weighs 250kg and rings at the half hour and hour. The entrance to the tower is through an arched portal on the northern side.


Clock Tower in Çanakkale
The Clock Tower was built in 1897 as provided for in the will of Vitalis, who was a tradesman and also the Italian Consul in Çanakkale. Vitalis who died in Nice, France, wanted a water system and a clock tower to be built in Çanakkale with his wealth amounting to 10,000 French gold pieces. The Çanakkale Municipality constructed the Clock Tower and water system with this money.


Clock Tower in Dolmabahçe
The Clock, which is situated in front of Dolmabahçe Palace's entrance to the Treasury, was built in 1890-1894, during the reign of Sultan Abdülhamid II. The clock tower has four storeys and is on a large base surrounded by fountains. The first storey is where the entrance is situated. It has barometers and the last floor has clocks. There are twin pillars surrounding the doors and windows.

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