There are certain amount of unreasoning beliefs  among people living in a community, arising sometimes from fear, sometimes from helplessness, and sometimes from coincidences. They are called as “superstitions”. These beliefs have been existing since the creation of first human being. Great number of them are not related with any scientific basis, reason, contemporariness and religious faith. Although they have noting to do with wisdom and reason, unfortunately they could not be removed and eliminated from heart, brain, conscience of human being. In emerging of such kind of beliefs both natural structure of persons and illiterate  words of elderly persons, as well as of some religious officials have been effective. Even if beliefs have shown variation from person to person they have also some common aspects. Superstitions which we were able to collate are listed hereunder:

  • One cannot eat meal by putting his one foot over another, it means disrespect to the table and it is considered as the sign of famine.  
  • A mirror which is broken may bring bad luck; it is said,  house where mirror was broken cannot get well for a period of seven years.
  • Thirteenth day of a Month is considered as ill-omen; nothing is done on this day.
  • One cannot pass in front of a car.
  • It is considered as ill-omen that a rabbit may pass in front of a car.
  • To put on trousers by standing up is the sign for poverty.
  • Milk cannot be given to nobody in the darkness of night, it is said that if it is given then cow does not produce milk any more.
  • Whenever quince is  abundant it is said that winter will pass heavy.
  • Any child who plays with fire makes wet his/her bed.
  • It is considered as the sign of dead when owl sings at heaves of a house.
  • It is said that if you say something in forty times it is achieved.
  • It is improper to call someone as pig; whoever says such word, it is believed, has no appetite for forty days.
  • When giving a milk to somebody, a small piece of coal or a green leaf is put into milk; otherwise it is believed that animal will no more produce milk.
  • That crows fly around a house is not considered as a good luck.
  • One should not  set out at the time of Friday Praying.
  • No work is done between “Sala” and “Ezan” (call to prayer) on Friday.
  • Laundry is not done on Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  • Child cannot be let alone, if it becomes necessary then a broom is put beside the child. 
  • Laundry vessel is not let to remain on fire for along time, otherwise it is said that somebody dies in that house.
  • “Nazar Boncuğu” (bead worn to avert the evil eye) is attached to children to avert evil eyes.
  • When cones of pine tree are too many, it is the sign that the winter in that year will pass hard.
  • Whoever covers quilt on Wednesday gets ill.
  • It is forbidden to jump over a child, otherwise the child remains short.
  • That clothes of child remain outside until the sunset causes the child bewitched.
  • No sweeping work is done at nights which are considered holly by religion.
  • It is considered improper to make visits at night for a women given birth a child.
  • It is believed that anybody who finds clover with four leaves will bring luck to him/her.
  • It is considered that when a dog howls during “Ezan” is herald of death.
  • If a baby creeps, a guest will come home.
  • Hands should not be bound together, if so that person becomes unsuccessful.
  • Finger nail and toe-nail are not cut together, if so it is believed that that person would face with one sorrowful act and one joyful event.
  • While yawning mouth is to be closed, otherwise it is considered that the person who yawns without closing his/her mouth cites “Ezan” to the Devil.
  • Scissor cannot be passed from hand to hand, because scissor is considered as enemy.
  • Yeast for bread is not given to neighbour after “Ezan”.
  • The first hair cut from a boy is put in pocket of father believing that it will increase fortune.
  • Pieces of bread are not disposed of, if they are picked up and eaten, it is said that home would have much fortune and fertility.
  • It is said that whoever folds his/her hands has become non-fertile and unlucky, his/her mother dies.
  • Nails cannot be cut at nights
  • One should not look at mirror at nights
  • Water is poured after the wedding car for bride may return to her mother’s home, turning the water vessel upside down one sits on it.
  • Gum is not chewed at nights, it is said that whoever chews gum at nights he/she eats flesh of dead body.
  • It is believed that whoever plays with his/her foot at night, his/her father or mother will die.
  • One cannot whistle at night, for the person who does it is said that he/she is calling the Devil.
  • To take spider at night is considered as a sin.
  • It is said that to count stars at night is not good.
  • Ash cannot be thrown outside at night, hot ash cannot be poured over water; it is believed that those who perform such act will come across with curse of genie.
  • Quilt is not covered at nigh.
  • No passage is made over a place where laundry is washed at night, it cannot be stepped on laundry water.
  • One cannot sit behind a door at night, if so, it is thought that  this person would face with slander.   
  • Names of girls are written under shoe of bride;, it is believed that the girl whose name was not erased after the ceremony will marry.
  • Nobody should pass in front of wedding car.
  • It is considered ill-omen when a cock crows before the night
  • It is believed that anybody who could pass under rainbow would change his/her sex.
  • When somebody has the hiccups, it is said “someone mentioned your name”, and then this phrase is uttered: “he/she is a friend let him/her mention my name, if he/she is hostile, let him/her burst out.
  • It is said that if a prisoner wears ring of a dead person, he/she may discharge from prison soon.
  • Lead is poured for patients.
  • Wedding ceremony is not made between the two Bairams.
  • No handiwork is made following afternoon Prayer.
  • Underwear of baby cannot be hanged following afternoon Prayer.
  • Cloth on anybody cannot be sewn.
  • Ash cannot be disposed of anywhere following afternoon Prayer.
  • When a black cat passes in front of a man, it is considered as ill-omen.
  • Spider cannot be taken following the afternoon prayer
  • It is said that if someone does not finish his/her work, then his/her dead would be hard.
  • Two babies cannot be let alone in a room without completing their 40th day; otherwise, it is believed that one will become tall and the other will become short, which is called “kırk basan”.
  • A marriage cannot be solemnised between the two Bairams.
  • If oleaster shoot, stork excrement and blue bead are tied together and placed under the armpit, that person will not be affected by the evil eye.
  • Two brides are not brought into the same house.
  • It is not proper to pass in front of a man going to his job.
  • A man who passes through two women cannot make his wife obedient.
  • It is bad luck to hear bark of a dog; when heard it is said  “ It may bark to its owner”.
  • If girls eat something  between two meals, their luck to find a husband becomes impossible.
  • Handiwork is not made in the course of first three days of “Kurban” Bairam.
  • Stepping on ash is not good, which act may cause the person to be  paralysed.
  • One cannot pass through a dark place, if it becomes necessary then the Turkish word “destur” (with your permission)  must be cited.
  • Do not step on the door's threshold of someone who had been subjected to slander.
  • When excrement of a bird falls on the head, it means that the person is lucky and will earn money.
  • Ringing of ears are accounted for ill-omen.
  • A bird’s knocking  on the window with its beak is the sign of news to be received.
  • Nail which is cut cannot be dropped on the ground, and cannot be stepped on.
  • To sit on threshold  is not good; anybody who sits thereon will not be lucky.
  • To see a black cat means ill-omen.
  • Flight of a shooting star stands for dead.
  • A baby who has not completed its 40th day is not removed from home, is not passed by graveyard; otherwise it is said in Turkish “kırk basar”.
  • A boy who drinks coffee do not have moustaches, he becomes beardless.                                                                     
  • If a baby clenches its fingers firmly, it becomes stingy in future.
  • When a baby is kissed under its foot, it is believed to walk early, when kissed on lips early to speak early, when kissed on back of the neck to be obstinate.
  • If a small child looks through the space between his/her legs, it means that a guest will come home
  • To enter a room with right leg stands for good luck.
  • That a cat turns towards South (direction to Mecca) and scratches its head with its fore legs is accounted for rain.
  • In order that a person suffered accident should not experience a new accident, salt or coin is circulated around his/her head.
  • Whoever sees stork flying passes the year by travelling continuously, whoever sees it on a land stays in his/her home.
  • Waste water cannot be poured in sewer, whoever pours it will be paralysed.
  • It is not considered good that lying-in woman (woman who gave birth a child) may leave her home for a period of forty days.
  • It is believed that if a scissor remains open in a home, a fight will start.
  • To pass under a ladder is considered as ill-omen.
  • It is believed that Angel  stays on the right hand side of shoulder, and Satan on the left hand side of shoulder.
  • When somebody dies among people of the district, water vessels which are full are discharged.
  • No finger is directed toward Grave and Graveyard; if it is directed, the finger must be bitten and put under the foot.
  • Blue bead prevents effects of evil eye.
  • Whenever scissor is left open, it means that mouth of enemy may open.
  • Candle is lighted for seven nights at place where corpse is washed.
  • Do not look at nails while dead body is carried to Cemetery.
  • To catch spider leads poverty.
  • If eyes of dead person are open, it is believed that shortly after another person will die.
  • To crack the joints of the fingers is accounted for telling beads to the Satan.
  • At a market place, money for price of goods bought first of all from the Seller should be thrown on the kiosk; this action brings good luck.
  • Anybody who cracks the joints of his/her fingers invites Satan.
  • To see minaret in a dream is a joyful news; death brings alive, green is desire, to see having been hung is the sign that may be obtained assistance from great personalities.
  • To see eggs in a dream implies bad words and gossip.
  • To see white sheep in a dream construed as winter and snow
  • A relative of a woman who sees penis in her dream will die.
  • A person who sees a human excrement in his/her dream   receives money.
  • A person who sees a girl child in his/her dream receives bad news.
  • A person who sees a boy in his/her dream receives joyful news.
  • Anybody who holds gold in his/her hand in a dream earns money.
  • Anybody who sees white horse in a dream accomplishes his/her desire.
  • A twitch in right eye implies health, in left eye implies wealth.
  • Hair in comb after combing is not thrown to street; if it is thrown, it may entangle in a leg of chicken, so you may have headache continuously.
  • If your left palm is scratched you will receive money, if your right palm is scratched then you will spend money.
  • Any work started on Tuesday is suspended, therefore do not start working on Tuesday.
  • Soap is given to somebody on top of hand.
  • Anybody who remains under eaves may get paralyzed.
  • Anybody who sews his/her dress worn  would sew his/her wisdom.
  • Thorn which is hung behind the main gate protects family from ill effects of evil eye, if ear is hung it brings wealth.
  • Left hand is put on the head while drinking water.
  • Do not set out on Tuesday.
  • Woman does not pass in front of man who goes to work in the morning, if she passes that man’s business does not go well.
  • It is ill-omen to boil water without purpose.
  • Laundry is not washed on Tuesdays  and Saturdays  
  • Firstly old men sit on the table of meal, otherwise the meal loses its productivity.
  • If wood burn in a stove or oven by emitting sound, it is believed that gossip has been made about the resident.
  • Red dress is not worn while lightning flashes.
  • Slippers and shoes being upside down are not good.
  • Do not speak in WC, it brings ill-omen.
  • Cackle  of hen implies to bring a bad-luck.
  • It is believed that to knock at a wood three times will ward off all evils.
  • If slippers and shoes are upside down, someone will die in home.
  • A sheep is sacrificed in foundation of a newly built house.
  • Water is poured behind a person who sets out.
  • If anybody washes laundry on Saturdays in the course of seven weeks, then someone will die in the home.
  • Do not sleep in the bed with your stocking.
  • Do not burn outer coat of onion and shell of egg.
  • Do not lay your face down, if so, you would be like a non-Muslim.
  • Wherever umbilical cord of a baby is thrown, it is said that baby would choose that profession exercised in that place.  Therefore, it might be necessary to throw it on top of tiles for getting higher ranks at its profession.
  • The first person who is come across with the traveler would bring either good luck or bad luck.
  • A boy baby is placed on  lap of a new bride.
  • A pencil is caused to be attached in hands of a new born baby for the purpose of its being in good humour and study well.
  • It is not considered proper to wear ring on the left hand.
  • In the first entrance of a newly married husband after marriage ceremony, it is considered a good luck for him to break a glass.
  • A new born baby cannot be washed on Friday.
  • If someone blows to the mouth of a new born baby, it is believed that this baby would be cordial.
  • If water is poured out of a glass, it means that guest will come home.
  • A bread is circulated around the head of a person who perjured himself in order to release the perjury, and then it is given to a dog.
  • If a person rises his right leg at the time of taking oath, then his oath becomes unacceptable.
  • If bread is circulated over a wound and thrown into graveyard before the morning “Ezan”, and then if the person throwing it into the graveyard returns home without looking back, it is believed that wound will get better.
  • It is said that anybody who sleeps in bed stretching out widely will earn too much money, on the contrary anybody who sleeps in bed by shrinking will have less revenue.
  • Bread or sugar is turned around a wound, and if it is  given to a dog before the morning “Ezan”, wound will heal. 
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