Zeynep Torun

Style of Art : Artist / painter, ceramist
Branch of Art : Painting, ceramic
Art Profile :

Zeynep Selimoğlu Torun was born in Adana. She studied painting and ceramic with Adnan Çoker, Cevat Dereli, and Neşet Günal at the Painting Department of the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts. During studying at the academy, she started painting and illustrating children′s books. After her graduation, Torun continued painting children′s books for a long time. In 1979, she began making ceramics and founded her own ceramic workshop. Since then, she has created ceramic works of stylized figures of women and children as well as figures of Istanbul and Bodrum. After 1991, Torun focused on painting, and created large scale panels for residential and commercial  spaces. She has had many solo exhibitions and participated in lots of group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Torun has also given private classes on ceramics and paintings. As of today, she continues her work in Istanbul and teaches painting at German School.

Selected her exhibitions:
2009, Art Galeri “March 8 World Women’s Day” exhibition, Arnavutköy, Istanbul
2010, Ormo Art Gallery, Gümüşsuyu, Turkey  (solo)
2010, “Republic Exhibition” Military Museum, Harbiye, Istanbul
2011, Arkeopera Art Gallery “The Grandchildren of Kybele,” Galatasaray, Istanbul
2012, Arkeopera Art Gallery “The Grandchildren of Kybele-2,” Galatasaray, Istanbul
2012, Oda Art Gallery “Room under Snow,” Tesvikiye, Istanbul
2012, SOFA Chicago, Chicago, IL
2012, "Sanat Art 7/24", Armaggan Gallery, Istanbul

Reference: galerioda.com, tumgazeteler.com

Web Site : www.zeyneptorun.com
Email : zeynotorun@gmail.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :