Şener Özmen

Style of Art : Artist / video artist, art critic, writer
Branch of Art : Video art, contemporary art, art critique
Art Profile :

Şener Özmen was born in Şirnak, Idil in 1971. He finished primary and middle school in Idil and graduated from the Department of Painting Education in the Faculty of Education at Çukurova University. He has had several solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad: Germany, France, England, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, the USA, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Swiss, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Yugoslavia and Austria. His articles on exhibitions and artists were published in Birgün Newspaper, Art –ist Güncel Sanat Magazine, Sanat Dünyamız, Radikal kitap and Siyahî. His video works were shown in the Cologne Art Films Biennial in 2005 and 52th International Oberhausen Short Film Festival in 2006. Özmern was selected for the Transfer 07 Artist Exchange Program which was organized by North Ren Vestfalya Cultural Festival between 2005 and 2007 as well as the Turkish and German City Writer Project which was organized by Istanbul Goethe Institute in 2008. Currently he lives and works in Diyarbakır.

2005, Prix Meuly, Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland

Solo exhibitions:
2005, “Video surveillance_002”, Galerie Schleicher+Lange
2009, Original Message, Outlet, Istanbul
2011, Die Geshicte von Sener Özmen / The Story of Sener Ozmen, Künstlerhans, Stuttgart

Selected group exhibitions:
2000, AIAP Youth Action-3 at Ankara, Cankaya • Cagdas Sanat Merkezi, Ankara
2001, Short Stories, La Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milan, Italy
2001, Look Again, Proje4L, Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul, Turkey
2003, 2th Performance Days, Babylon, KV Istanbul, Bilgi Atolye, Istanbul, Turkey
2003, I Am Too Sad To Kill You!, Proje4L Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul, Turkey
2003, “In den Schluchten des Balkan”, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel
2003, U-Topos, Tirana Biennale-2, National Museum of History, Tirana, Albania
2003, Future Democracy, Akbank Culture and Art Centre, Istanbul, Turkey
2003, 80 Square Meter Music (Sound and Visualty) Antik Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2003, The Force Of Language, Keciburcu, Diyarbakir, Turkey
2004, “Placebo effect”, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
2004, The Ghost Line, Akbank Culture and Art Centre, Istanbul, Turkey
2004, Reappearance, Museum of Kosova, Prishtina, Kosova [UNMIK]
2004, Mediterraneans, Museo D′Arte Contemporanea Roma, Italy
2004, I Need A Radical Change, Gallery Nova Teslina Zagreb
2004, The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists Vrsac 2004, Cultural Center of Vrsac Vrsac & Belgrade, Yugoslavia
2004, Merry Ramadan, Gallery Exit, EXIT Institute for Contemporary Art, Peja, Kosova [UNMIK]
2004, Love It or Leave It/Cetinje Biennial V, Cetinje-Dubrovnik-Tirana, National Museum of Cetinje, Montenegro
2004, Sevilla Beinnial I, Sevilla, Spain
2004, Love It or Leave It/Cetinje Biennial V, Diyarbakir Sanat Merkezi, Diyarbakir
2005, “Art for...”, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul
2005, “Sener Özmen, Erkan Özgen, Nasan Tur, Haluk Akakçe”, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul
2005, “hoch hinaus”, Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland
2005, “9th International Istanbul Biennial”, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Istanbul
2006, “Höhepunkte der Kunst FilmBiennale Köln in Berlin”, KW Kunst-Werke Berlin e.V., Berlin
2007, “Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie”, Gasworks, London
2007, “Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie”, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul
2007, “Transfer Türkiye-NRW 2005-2007”, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst
2008, “Beyond Paradise”, SMBA Stedelikl Museum Bureau Amsterdam
2009, Word-Tale, Mixed Narrations: A Video parade from different viewpoints, Hacettepe Art Museum, Ankara
2009, Creative Destruction, Outlet Gallery, Istanbul
2009, Who Killed the painting? Works from the Block Collection, Neues Museum Nuremberg
2009, Dream and Reality: Contemporary Art from the Near East, Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
2009, Istanbul-Traversée, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille
2009, New Works, New Horizons, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art
2009, Made in Turkey, Posittionen Türkischer Kunst 1978-2008, Ernst Barlach Museumsgesellschaft, Hamburg
2009, Veillée, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille
2009, City_net Asia 2009, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2009, Not easy to save the world in 90 days, TANAS, Berlin
2009, Istanbul Next Wave, Akademie der Künste, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
2009, The Malady of Writting, Museu d′Art Contemporani de Barcelona
2010, Emplot Satsonnier, Seasonal Work, Galerie de la Friche, Marseille
2010, Fantasy and Island, Frac Corse, Corsica
2010, Etat d′âmes: une génération hors d′elle, Ensba, Paris
2010, Frik Festival, Skopie 2010, Frik Center, Macedonia
2010, When Ideas Become Crime, Depo Tabacco Warehouse, Istanbul
2010, The Festival: Underground City 21, Open Space-Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Vienna
2011, iRonic, Kunstpalais, Erlangen
2011, Alternativa 2011, Estrangement, WYSPA, Institute of Art, Gdansk, Poland
2011, Where Fire Has Struck, Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, Depo, Istanbul
2011, Yes, We Don′t, Institut d′art contemporain, Villeurbanne, Rhone, Alpes
2011, East By South West, Galerie Krinzinger, Wien

Curatorial Projects:
2001, “Art and the City”, The first contemporary art exhibition, Diyarbakır (Curator and Exhibition Concept Sener Ozmen)
2003, “Eye Contact”, Diyarbakir Art Centre, Diyarbakir, (Curator and Exhibition Concept Sener Ozmen)
2004,”The Force Of Language-II:Becoming Minor” (Co-Curator)

Reference: pilotgaleri.com

Foundation : Diyarbakır Sanat Merkezi
Web Site : www.pilotgaleri.com/en/artists/detail/24
Email : senozmen@hotmail.com / senermail@yahoo.com
City : Diyarbakır
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0412. 236 95 70 / 0505. 567 70 54
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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