Şükran Moral

Style of Art : Artist / photographer, installation artist
Branch of Art : Photography, video, performance, installation art
Art Profile :

Şükran Moral was born in Terme, Samsun. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts Education in the Faculty of Education at Ankara University. She moved to Rome in 1989 and completed Fine Arts Academy in Rome (Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma) in 1995. Her works have been focusing on various conditions of restrain and pressure on women such as religion and culture, and executed many documentary video-performances concerned about mentally disordered people, immigrants, transsexuals, prostitutes and others that are excluded and alienated by society. Since 1994, Moral has had many solo exhibitions with her performances / videos and installations in the world. She has also been invited to many important group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Her work “Hamam”, which was exhibited in the 1997 International Istanbul Biennial, is one of the most influential works on artists in the world. In 2005, the Italian publisher Gangemi published the book about her work, titled “Apocalypse”, (curated by Simonetta Lux, Patrizia Mania). Articles about her works have been published in international publications such as Dictionary Enciclopedico Treccani, Drome, Flash Art, Critical Film, Espoarte, Exibart, Gomorra, Kult, Today, Opening, Virus, Ziqqurat, Politiken, Trust, Interviù, New York Arts Review, The Manifest, the Republic, the Unit and in many newspapers. Moral has been invited to programs broadcast at MTV, RAI MTV, RAI 3, Radio2, RAI News 24 hours, Popular Radio, RAI Sat, TV Kult and TRT2. Currently, she lives and works in Istanbul and Rome.

Solo Exhibitions:
1992, "La valigia di Pandora", Art Hotel Museo, Prato
1993, Roma, Studio Aperto, Associazione per la Promozione dell’Arte in Europe, Ultimo verdetesto critico a cura di Vittorio Rubiu
1994, "Artista espulsa & Arte Espulsa", Galleria Studio Leonardi, Geneva
1995, "Diffidate della storia dell’arte", Mistrust the History of Art, Milano, Studio Oggetto, Milano
1996, "Cut and cover – il corpo", Galleria Studio Oggetto,  Caserta
1997, “Speculum” (Diffidate della storia dell’arte), Sapienza–Università di Roma, Mlac-Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Rome
2001, "Hayat – nomadi dell’arte (Hamam, Brothel, Mental hospital)", Le Grenoble-Istituto francese, Naples
2001, "Şükran Moral, videoproiezioni (Hamam, Brothel, Transistanbul)", Momart Gallery of Contemporary Art, Matera
2004, "Apocalypse", Sapienza–Università di Roma, Mlac – Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Rome
2005, “Çaresizler – Despair”, Maçka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul
2005, “Leyla and Mecnun”, Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea, Palermo
2006, “Leyla ile Mecnun & Bordello”, Proje4L Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul
2007, “Peace…Fucking fairytale!”, B&D Studio contemporanea, Milan
2007, "Şükran Moral, Underground Istanbul", The Lab Gallery, New York
2007, “Jesus&Muhammad”, Placentia Arte, Piacenza
2009, “Love and Violence”, Yapı Kredi Kâzım Taşkent Art Gallery  

Reference: casadellartegallery.com, sukranmoral.net, cihangirlink.org

Web Site : www.sukranmoral.net
Email : sukranmoral@gmail.com
City : Istanbul, Rome
Country : Turkey / Italy
Phone : 0538. 965 64 64 / +39 338. 886 53 56
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English / Italian
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