Setenay Özbek

Style of Art : Artist / painter, writer
Branch of Art : Painting, book, documentary film
Art Profile :

Setenay Özbek was born in Istanbul in 1961. She graduated from the Department of Performing Arts in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University in 1990. Between 1984 and 1986, she studied with several instructors such as Sabri Berkel, Hülya Düzenli, Erkan Özdilek, and Ergül Özkutan in the Istasyon Fine Art Academy. She has had numerous solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Turkey, England, France, Belgium and Bulgaria. In 2006, she participated in the 238th Summer Exhibition of Royal Academy of Arts in London. There, her paintings “Funfair” and “Harvest” were shortlisted among over 9,000 works.

She is a member of the International PEN Association of Writers Turkish Center and International Association of Art (A.I.A.A) to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Currently, Özbek continues her work at her workshop in Istanbul.

2009, Fifth Tashkent International Biennale Of Contemporary Art, "The 3rd Runner Up", "Best Contemporary Painting"
2009, Bakrac Art Gallery 30th Year Painting Competition, Prize

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2005, Art Istanbul 2005, Gallery X, Istanbul
2005, Ankara Fine Arts Fair, Gallery X, Istanbul
2006, 6th Ankara Fine Arts Fair, Gallery Binyıl, Ankara
2007, “Inner Reminiscences”, Gallery Binyıl, Ankara
2007, “Sincerity”, Gallery Artist, Istanbul
2008, “Dedicated to the moment”, Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul
2008, “Cosmos”, Austrian Consulate General Culture Office, Istanbul
2009, ”Cosmos”, Suna Çokgür Ilıcak Art Gallery, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2005, “X-Trem-İst”, Gallery X, Istanbul
2005, Modern Art Museum Artist Association, Gallery X, Istanbul
2005, Mersin University, “October Passage IV”, Mersin
2005, Moda Art Gallery, Istanbul
2006, Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul
2006, Adana Caucasian Culture Association, Adana
2006, The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, London
2006, “X-Trem-İst 2”, Gallery X, Istanbul
2007, International Art Symposium and Group Exhibition Uchisar and Istanbul
2007, Baglarbaşı Caucasian Culture Association, Istanbul
2007, “Caucasian Art and Cultural Heritage”, Belgian North Caucasian Association, MuHKa Museum, Belgium
2007, INTES Art Gallery, Ankara
2007, Adana Caucasian Culture Heritage, Belgium
2007, Gallery A, Istanbul
2007, “30/30 Karma (Şık)”, The Marmara Art Gallery & Life, Istanbul
2007, Uçhisar Group Exhibition, French Association of Culture, Istanbul
2007, Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul
2007, “October Passage VI”, Gallery X, Istanbul
2007, Association Saint Henri, Group Exhibition and Auction Sale, International Art Camp, France
2008, Third International Art Festival Dryanovo, Bulgaria
2008, “October Passage VII”, ITU Maslak, Istanbul
2008, Contemporary Istanbul 08, Gallery Art & Life, Istanbul
2008, “85/85 Republic Exhibition”, The Marmara Art Gallery Art & Life, Istanbul
2009, Arnavutköy Art Gallery, Istanbul
2009, “Nature, Water, Love”, Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul

“Blue of the Night (Gecenin Mavisi)”, Istanbul: Gendaş Kültür Publications, 2002.
“No One, No One Else (Hiç Kimse Bir Başkası Olamaz)”, Istanbul: Cadde Publications, 2005.

Documentary films:
1988, “Gold” (17` Documentary - TRT)
1989, “Professor Ergin İnan” (20` Documentary)
1990, “Nazar Boncuğu” (20` Documentary - TRT)
2008, “Düşlerle Gelen” (20’ Documentary – TRT)
Reference:, “Setenay Ozbek Umetnost Kroz Prostor I Vreme” (Valjevo, 2009).

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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0533. 519 82 80
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