Şenol Sak

Style of Art : Artist / painter
Branch of Art : Painting
Art Profile :

Şenol Sak was born in Bolu in 1964. He completed his primary and secondary education in Bolu. He later graduated from the Art Education department of Abant Izzet Baysal University′s Faculty of Education. He is currently employed as an instructor in Bolu, and has also been working for the Bolu Municipality Mehmet Yuceturk Art Center as the Director of Art. This artist uses the fish motif in a uniquely individual style. Since 1993, he has opened 21 solo exhibitions in various cities and participated in many group showings throughout the entire world. Şenol Sak, whose paintings grace many public and private collections, is a member of UNESCO International Association of Art (A.I.A.P) and GESAM.

Solo Exhibitions:

1993 Akbank Art Gallery, Eskişehir.
1994 National Gallery of Arts, Bolu.
1996 Akbank Art Gallery, Denizli.
1997 National Gallery of Arts, Bolu.
1997 Akbank Art Gallery, Ankara.
1998 Municipality Art Center, Bolu.
1999 Akbank Art Gallery, Adana.
2000 Development Bank of Turkey Art Gallery, Ankara.
2000 National Gallery of Arts, Antalya.
2001 Besiktaş Municipality, Ortaköy Culture Center, Istanbul.
2002 Foca Festival, Bolu.
2003 Akbank Art Gallery, Bursa.
2003 Metropolitan Municipality Art Gallery, Izmit.
2004 Municipality Art Center, Bolu.
2004 Asmalımescit Balıkcısı Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul.
2005 Metropolitan Municipality Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2005 Vakıfbank Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2005 Türk-Amerikan Derneği, Ankara.
2006 Jazz-Now Art Center, Bodrum.
2008 Jazz-Now Art Center, Bodrum.
2008 Artpark Art Gallery-Rhodes, Greece.

Group exhibitions:

2005 TİSVA Art Biennial, Ankara.
2005 Biennale drobne GRAFİX, Czech Republic.
2006 Melitadan, BatGz, "II. International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Malatya.
2006 RHMD, II. International Print Biennial, Istanbul.
2006 Karburani, Museum Floran Mara mules (Romania).
2006 International Biennial of Graphics Inter-art, Aiud (Romania).
2006 The IOWA Biennial, Iowa (USA).
2006 IOWA State University, Print Society (6th Print Exhibition), Iowa (USA).
2006 Lessedra World Art print Annual, Sofia (Bulgaria).
2006 Stone Metal Press Gallery "print ex" San Ant-TX (USA).
2006 Simon Fraser University "print ex" Br Cl (Canada).
2006 The said press Society "print ex" Philadelphia(USA).
2006 26th Mini Print Internationale of Cadaques (Spain).
2006 The Farrley′s Yard Trust -East Sussex, Farleys (England).
2006 L′Etangd′Art Gallery Bages (France).
2006 4′a Biennal int di grafica- Francavilla alMare(Italy).
2006 Casal cultural "el Maset sant Carles de Rap (Spain).
2006 7′eme Triennale de Chamalieres (France).
2006 Fine Arts International Contest, "Antonio Gualda" Granada (Spain).
2007 TÜYAP-Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul.
2007 VIIIth International Biennial of Engraving Acgui Terme (Italy).
2007 Biennale drobne GRAFİX –Breclav (Czech Republic).
2007 5th KIWA Woodprint Exhibition, Kyoto (Japan).
2007 27th Miniprint internationale of Cadague (Spain).
2007 Pineda de Mar Barcelona (Spain).
2007 The farley’s yard trust East sussex, Farleys (England).
2007 Le etangd′Art Gallery Bages (France).
2007 Karburani,Museum Floran, Maramules (Romania).
2007 İl Bosco Stregato-International Exhibition libriz Concorse, Ortana (Italy).
2007 Print zero Studies Vth exhibitions, Seattle (USA).
2007 Seattle,Wisconsin, Florida, Louisiana, Washington D.C.
2007 International Mail-ART Exhibition Foundation INTER-ART, Aiud (Romania).
2007 IVth Exlibris Biennial Rotary Club-Acqui Terme (Italy).
2007 INTER-ART Art camp AIUD-07-result exhibition, Aiud (Romania).
2007 1st International A4-A5 Exhibition, Thessaloniki (Greece).
2007 Vth Nowosibirsk International Biennial-Graphic Art, Nowosibirsk (Russia).
2007 "friendly mess"- Lib.Gallery Menges (Slovenia).
2007 "IInd Exhibition Libris - ?/? Book - Rousse 2007”, Bulgaria.
2007 7th International Graphic Competition for Ex-Libris Gliwice (Poland).
2007 1st International Mail-Art Biennial in Greece- Larissa, Thessaloniki (Greece).
2007 "Refugee Solidarity Chain"-Larissa, Thessaloniki (Greece).
2007 "The ARGONAUTS" Larissa, Thessaloniki (Greece).
2007 4th Bookmark Exhibition, Biennial at Estempe be Charleroi (Belgium).
2007 4th International Biennial of Mini-Prints, Tetovo (Macedonia).
2007 International Print Exhibition "Prints Tokyo-2007", Tokyo (Japan).
2007 Exposition International de Disenos Ex-libris Cobaez Zacatecas (Mexico).
2008 Group Exhibition Part-2, "friendly mess" Lib.Gall.Menges (Slovenia).
2008 International Exhibition of Contemporary Square Prints, Naestved (Denmark).
2008 Arch.Mail-art Exhibition-Modesto Museum-Modesto, CA (USA).
2008 1st Biennale International del Pequeño Formato (Venezuela).
2008 9th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Gornji Milanovac (Serbia).
2008 IVth Biennial International del Grabado, "Contratalla" (Spain).
2008 NCCC Gallery, "Collective Exhibition" New York (USA).
2008 "International Identification Document" Exhibition, Itami and Yokohama (Japan).
2008 2B Gallery Budapest IX. Ráday – Budapest (Hungary).
2008 GALÉRIA Z . (2009) – Bratislava (Slovakia).
2008 Koll exhibition, l′Office de Tourisme Vernoux (France).
2008 "Ink-SPOT" Nightingale Gallery, Eastern Oregon University, Orlando (USA).
2008 International 400 prints exhibition "Celebration of Quebec′s 400th"Quebec (Canada).
2008 13th International Biennial Print Exhibition, (finalist), Taiwan.

Other Performances:

2007 International 9/11 Remembrance Book Project (USA).
2007 The (Baren) New Year′s Card Exc. Program-"boar" (USA).
2007 TABARA "INTER-ART" ART CAMP- Aiud (Romania).
2008 The (Baren) New Year′s Card Exc. Program-"rat" (USA).
2008 Art park Study Programs, Rhodes (Greece).


Web Site : http://senolsak.tr.gg
Email : saksenol@gmail.com
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :