Semra Ecer

Style of Art : Artist / sculptor
Branch of Art : Sculpture, jewelry
Art Profile :

Semra Ecer was born in Turkey in 1959. She studied at the workshop of Ozdemir Altan in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, and graduated in 1983. She completed her master′s degree in painting at her alma mater. Ecer launched her own business during her studies, making stained-glass designs. She has continued her work at her own studio since her graduation. Ecer has engaged in designing jewelry and objects and making sculptures, all adding new dimensions to her artistic expression. Recently, she exhibited her interpretation of Istanbul in the form of bronze reliefs. Currently, Ecer owns Arkaik Art Jewelry and a design showroom in Istanbul.
1990, Frankfurt (Jewelry)
1995, Paris Premier Class, Paris (Jewelry and design)
2005-2006, JA New York (Design)
2007, Dideh Art Gallery, Marbella
2009, Dem-Art Gallery in Istanbul with her exhibition “New Reflections” consisting of silver and bronze sculptures.
2010, Held the first exhibition in Topkapi Palace Museum hosted by historian Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli, honoring Istanbul as the European Capital of Culture of 2010
1998 to 2010, Arkaik Gallery Exibition for every year

Photographs: Koray Erkaya

Foundation : Arkaik Gallery
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0212. 234 43 99
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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