Rasim Konyar

Style of Art : Artist / sculptor and painter
Branch of Art : Sculpture, painting
Art Profile :

Rasim Konyar was born in Istanbul in 1951. He graduated from the Institute of Decorative Arts of the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1975. He specialized on Stage and Visual Arts at the same school in the following year. Between 1973 and 1976, Konyar designed stages and costumes for several plays, which were played in the Ankara Arts Theater. He studied Animation and Film with Roy Paul Madsen at the San Diego State University and the School of Visual Arts (the Visual Arts Academy of New York) in California between 1976 and 1980. Konyar won the "Best Camera Award" with a short film, which was his graduation project. In 1986, his scenario, "The Road to the Homeland" was awarded in Germany. In the next year, Konyar produced a film based on this scenario. The film was shown in the film festivals in Hoff, Berlin, Istanbul, Chicago and Cannes. In 1989, Konyar shot two documentary films, one of them being on the GAP project and the other on Turkey titled, "A Country between Worlds". In the same year, he began painting and making sculpture in California. Konyar lived in Los Angeles until 1992, and then returned to Turkey. Between 2002 and 2004, he shot photographs for books of Izmir and Antalya, which were published for TÜRSAB by Şubat Publishing. As of today, Konyar continues to work at his workshop Şile in Istanbul.

Online Exhibitions:
2005, Sculptures - Gallery Artist
2006, ART-IST 2006, lebriz.com
2008, Sculpture Exhibition, Antik Park Fine Art and Antiques
2008, Studio Exhibition

Selected Solo Exhibitions:  
1991, Santa Monica Stone Design, Los Angeles
1998, "Anatolia in Bronze",Kızıltoprak Art Gallery, Istanbul
1998, "Anatolia in Bronze", Turkuaz Art Gallery, Ankara
1998, "Anatolia in Bronze", Selcuk Yasar Art Gallery, Izmir
1998, "Anatolia in Bronze",International Festival,Turkey
1994, The Archaeological Museum of Bodrum
1994, Vakko Art Gallery, Izmir
1994, Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul
1995, Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara
1996, "Masks and Ranks", Aksanat, Istanbul
1997, "Anatolia in Bronze", Ankara, Bucharest, Sofia, Skopje
1997, "Anatolia in Bronze", Armada Hotel, Istanbul
1997, "Masks and Ranks", Vakko Art Gallery, Izmir
1999, "Balances and Acrobats", PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2000, "Man and Metamorphosis",Karsu Art Gallery, Istanbul
2001, "Man and Metamorphosis", Armoni Art Gallery, Ankara
2002, Ministry of Culture, New York Consulate
2005, Jazz Now Art Center & Gallery, Bodrum
2005, Gallery Artist, Istanbul
2007, Kızıltoprak Art Gallery, ArtIstanbul 2007, Istanbul

Selected Group Exhibitions:  
1990, Los Angeles Art Association
1991, Barakat Art Gallery, Los Angeles
1995, Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul
1996, 6th Istanbul Art Fair
1997, 13th Istanbul Antiques and Decorative Arts Fair
1997, 7th Istanbul Art Fair
1998, "Face to Face" Greek and Turkish Artists, Athens
2000, "Face to Face" Greek and Turkish Artists, Istanbul
2001, 11th Istanbul Art Fair, Kızıltoprak Art Gallery
2002, 2nd Ankara Art Fair, Armoni Art Gallery
2004, ISTART Istanbul Art Fair
2004, Adalar (Prince Islands) Art Festival
2005, Kızıltoprak Art Gallery, Istanbul
2005, ISTART Istanbul Art Fair
2006, ISTART Istanbul Art Fair
2007, ISTART Istanbul Art Fair
2007, Yurt Dünya Art Gallery, Artist 2007, Tüyap, Istanbul
2008, Tolga Eti Art House

Reference: lebriz.com, .rasimkonyar.net, artnet.com, turkishpaintings.com

Web Site : www.rasimkonyar.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0216. 731 37 57 / 0532. 328 12 51
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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