Seza Paker

Style of Art : Artist / installation and video artist
Branch of Art : Installation, drawing, performance, video works and photography
Art Profile :

Sezer Paker was born in Istanbul in 1955. She studied at the Académie de Beaux-Arts and the Ecole Camondo in Paris. Using installation, drawing, performance, video and photography, Paker creates her works on a range of subjects, often involving collection, nostalgia and change. She has had many solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Currently, Paker lives and works in Istanbul and Paris.

Selected Exhibitions:
2000, “Transitivity”, The Twin Churches, Magusa, Cyprus
2000, “Temps et Contretemps” espace industriel, Issy Les Moulineaux, Paris
2000, “Charger/décharger” One art Space Gallery , Istanbul
2000, “Risky Shadows”, Marmara University Gallery , Istanbul
2000, “Cleaning Material”, Apartment Project Gallery, Istanbul
2001, "To begin with: Different approaches to drawing", exposition personnelle  Kasa Gallery, Sabancı University, Istanbul
2001, "Divine Comedy", Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
2001, 2nd Biennale of Gümrü, Armenia
2001, “Sleep”, Mental Klinik Gallery, Istanbul
2001, “Re:Duchamp” Travelling exhibition’’, 7th Istanbul Biennial
2002, "Camouflage", Galerist, Istanbul (solo)
2002, "60x60, 60 years-60 artists", Eczacibasi Exhibition, TÜYAP Art Fair, Istanbul
2002, "Paradoxe in _dentity", 2nd Biennale de Buenos Aires
2003, "The power of Language", Keçiburcu, Diyarbakir
2003, "Future Democracy", Aksanat Culture Center, Istanbul
2003, "In Between", Project 4L Museum, Istanbul
2004, "Cosmopolis 1: microcosmos X macrocosmos", State Museum of contemporary Art, Thessoloniki
2004, "Refrain", Odyssey, Total Museum of contemporary Art, Seoul
2004, "The Force of LanguageII Becoming Minor", Keciburcu, Diyarbakır
2004, "Wonderful Travel Agency", Borusan Art Center, Istanbul
2004, "Ghost Line", Aksanat Culture Center, Istanbul
2005, Memory and Imagination, 7th Biennale de Santiago, au musée d′art contemporain
2005, Video Biennial, San Paolo
2005, Unheimlich, Akbank Art Center, Istanbul
2005, Unheimlich, Apollonia échanges artistiques européens, Strasbourg
2005, “Contaging with nature”, Aksanat Cultural Center, Istanbul
2005, "Contemporary Turkish Art Scene", musée Kastaeev, Almaty (Kazakistan)
2006, Untitled (How are you ?), Galerist Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
2006, Melek Yuzlu Yabanci, Akbank Art Center, Istanbul
2006, Strangers with Angelic face, Space, London
2007, Documenta-Multitudes-icone Projet, photo, "Cafe Basile (double chance)", Kassel
2007, Radikal Daily Newspaper’s, Art project, à Istanbul bilboards, Photo, "Promenade dans l’installation de Daniel Buren", Istanbul
2008, Les Etats de l′Extase, Akbank Art Center, Istanbul

Reference:,, Unleashed Contemporary Art from Turkey, (ed. Hossein Amirsadeghi, London: TransGlobe Publishing, 2010), p. 246-247.

City : Istanbul / Paris
Country : Turkey / France
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / French
Images :