Alp Alper

Style of Art : Artist / photographer, documentary director, travel writer, scenarist
Branch of Art : Photography
Art Profile :

Alp Alper was born in 1965 in Ankara, where he completed his education. In 1992, he started working as a flight dispatcher in Turkish Airlines. In those times, he started developing his passion for the art of photography, which he had an interest in during studying at school. In the city of Istanbul, where he considered as his “own nature studio”, Alper has developed his talent to international standards.

After the disastrous earthquake that shook Turkey in 1999, Alper founded a team, and introduced himself with his work titled “Turkey from 1000 feet”. At the end of 2000, he began working as station manager in Athens for Turkish Airlines. He has also continued his Turkey project. During this time, Alper had his photograph exhibitions “Turkey from above” in Athens, Warsaw, Cape Town, London, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Duisburg, Toulouse, Aussillon and Paris.

Alper has worked with many magazines including Gezi-Traveller, Gourmet and Ulusoy Travelers. Since 1999, he has worked with Greek magazines such as Cosmos Travel and National Geographic. He also began displaying his works in Turkish and Polish National Geographic magazines. He has published three books “Turkey from 1000 feet”, “Dreamscape Turkey” and “4 Seasons Istanbul”. Currently, Alper continues his work on four photographic projects and two documentaries about Turkey with his group in South Africa and Turkey.

Foundation : G.M. Johannesburg for Turkish Airlines
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0212. 853 91 93
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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