Ali Alışır

Style of Art : Artist / photographer
Branch of Art : Digital photography
Art Profile :

Ali Alışır was born in Istanbul in 1978. In 1996, he entered Yeditepe University and studied graphic design, painting and photography in the Faculty of Fine Arts with a scholarship. After graduating from Yeditepe University, Alışır moved to Italy and worked as a freelance fashion and glamour photographer. He attended the program of fashion photography as a graduate student at Academia Italiana in Florence in 2004. He had opportunities to work with various notable artists working for renowned companies like Giorgio Armani and Ferragamo. Alışır graduated from Academia Italiana in 2006 ranking first in his class. Since 2009, he has been focused on the concept of “virtual”, which underline the heart of his works. Alışır also works as a lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design of Yeditepe University. His photographic works can be seen in many public and private collections, including the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Turkey. Currently, he continues to work in Italy and Turkey.

Reference:,, Fotoğrafımızda Bugün 2011 (Istanbul: Istanbul Photography Museum, 2011), 230-231.

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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0532. 766 99 27
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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