Alberto Modiano

Style of Art : Artist / photographer, poet
Branch of Art : Photography, poetry
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Alberto Modiano was born in Istanbul in 1960. He started photography in 1979. In 1985, he concentrated on photography, participating in associations. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, and slide shows in Turkey. Between 1987 and 1990, Modiano researched and published photographic books such as “Basında Fotoğraf Yazıları Kılavuzu” (1991) and “Türkçe Fotoğraf Yayınları Kataloğu” (1993) in the İFSAK publication unit.

Since 1992, Modiano has focused on writing articles on photography in many art magazines including Milliyet Sanat, Gösteri, İFSAK fotoğraf ve sinema,  and REFO Fotoğraf. He has participated in many symposiums, panels and talks. He has also given classes on the photographic history of and the history of visual art in many institutions. Modiano was accepted to be a member of the Royal Photographic Society in London in 1992. He is also a member of the Association of Art Critics (Sanat Eleştirmenleri Derneği). From 1995 to 1996, Modiano served as the vice president of the Administrative Board in İFSAK.  Besides photography, he is a poet. He published the poem album with photographs “Yarına Ümit” (1993) and biography book “Bulgaristanbul” (1998). In 1996, Modiano was awarded “the Best Photograph of the Year” by the Troy Culture and Art Association. Since 2003, he has served as a representative of BASAF (Balıkesir Photographic Art Association) and M. Emin Tan Photographic Library in Istanbul.

Currently, Modiano continues to publish books for the Association of Photographic Art, and writes as a columnist in the FotografyaNet Art Magazine. He also serves as a visual adviser in the Stock Photography. Modiano has prepared CD album “Türk Fotoğrafında Çıprak”.

1985, “I. Fotoğeafik Etüt”
1986, “II. Fotoğrafik Etüt”
1987, “III. Fotoğrafik Etüt”
1988, Kaş’ta bir Çizgi
1990, Group exhibition with Maggie Danon
1991, “Görüntülediğim Türkiye” (solo exhibition)

Slide Shows:
1988, “Görüntüler”
1990, “Yaşam”
1991, “Görüntülediğim Türkiye”
1991, “Yarına Ümit”

Exhibitions as an organizator:
1994, “Kartopostal Fotoğraflar”, 10th Istanbul Photographic Days
1995, “Kartopostal Fotoğraflar”, Galeri Arşiv
1995, “Türk Fotoğrafında Nü (Çıplaklık ve Erotizm)”, 11th Istanbul Photographic Days, Basın Museum
1999, “Kartopostal Fotoğraflar”, Zonguldak
2004, Sefirden Sefile: Yapı Kredi Bank Selahattin Giz Collection, Yapı Kredi Sermet Çifter Hall

His books:
Basında Fotoğraf Yazıları Klavuzu (Ataol Publishing, 1991)
Türkçe Fotoğraf Yayınları Kataloğu 1871-1993 (Ataol Publishing, 1993)
Yarına Ümit (Gözlem Publishing, 1993)
Bulgaristanbul (Filibe’den Şişhane’ye) (Tiryaki Publications, 1998)
İFSAK Kitabı (İFSAK, 1999)
Türk Fotoğrafında Çıplak CD-R
Türkçe Fotoğraf Yayınları Kataloğu 1971-1993 (Bileşim Publishing, 2004)
Türk Fotoğrafında Çıprak (Bileşim Publishing, 2004)
Sefirden Sefire (Yapı Kredi Culture and Art Publishing, 2004)
Fotoğrafta Bugün (Fotografevi Publications, 2004)

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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
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