Ömer Uluç

Style of Art : Artist / painter, sculptor
Branch of Art : Contemporary art
Art Profile :

Ömer Uluç was born in Istanbul in 1931. He started to work on painting at the Nuri Iyem workshop in 1949-1953. He studied engineering and later painting in Texas, Boston and New York during 1950s, and held his first solo exhibition in Boston in 1955. Uluç lived in London, La Haye and Paris between 1965 and 1966, and moved to America, Mexico and Nigeria. He installed himself to Paris in 1983. Many exhibitions had been held in various cities, particularly in Paris, Berlin and Istanbul. He participated in a number of biennials. Numerous awards were among his artistic achievements. Uluç was inspired by the traditional Turkish calligraphy and created a unique contemporary style by means of abstracting figures and forms. His work offered up a defiant sense of fantasy as it navigates the space between abstraction and representation; and often relied on rope imagery, calling to mind a wealth of conceptual associations. He used diverse materials not bounding his work with canvas painting. Ömer Uluç passed away in 2010.

Images :