Nilbar Güreş

Style of Art : Artist / installations and collage artist, photographer, video and performance artist
Branch of Art : Collage, video, performance, photography and objects
Art Profile :

Nilbar Güreş was born in Istanbul in 1977. She graduated from the Painting Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University in 2000. She completed her master’s degree on paintings and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2002. In her works, Güreş explores the female identity, the role of women, the relations between women and their homes, women and public spaces as well as the relation between women amongst each other. She also focuses on the image of Muslim women in Europe, racism, and what it means to be a migrant. Güres deals with these topics primarily in her drawings, collages, performances, installations and photographs. Currently Güreş lives and works in Istanbul and Vienna.

Selected exhibitions:
2003, "Installation for Marcus Omofuma", Afrikadorf, Stadtpark, Vienna
2003, "New Suggestions/New Proposals", Borusan gallery, Istanbul
2005, "Hot Spots - Emerging Artists", collection Essl, Klosterneuburg (catalogue)
2006, "Art auction: human rights", MAK, Vienna (catalogue)
2006, "Arabesque Süperiör", Lothringer 13’er gallery, Munich
2006, "Wir machen das schon wieder" (We’re doing it again), Andreas Huber gallery, Vienna
2007, "Open Artist Studios", BMSuma Contemporary Arts Center, Istanbul
2007, "Be realistic, aim for the impossible!", Karsi Sanat gallery, Istanbul (catalogue)
2007, "Imagine there is an Art Work", curated by Beral Madra, BMSuma Contemporary Arts Center, Istanbul
2007, Participation in the FrauenFilmFestival, the first Turkish women’s film festival Topkino, Vienna
2007, Participation in the 5th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival, French Cultural Center Istanbul, Italian Cultural Center Istanbul, Agri, Diyarbakir, Van 
2008, "Emergency Exit", Outlet Gallery, Istanbul
2008, "Bewegte Bilder", Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt (catalogue)
2008, "Ansichten Wien", Galerie Kroart, Vienna (catalogue)
2008, "Try, Live"/ "Photonic Moments", Curator Gulsen Bal, Gallery Photon Ljubljana (catalogue)
2008, "Urban Jealousy", the 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran
2008, "World One Minutes", Today Art Museum, Beijing
2008, "Permanent waiting room", Bologna, Ljubljana, Vienna, London
2008, "Seems to be", Tiroler Künstlerschaft, Innsbruck
2008, "Abwesend", Soho in Ottakring, Vienna
2009, "Performance und Gender, Politik, soziale Fragen und Intercultural Studies", Fotogalerie, Vienna (catalogue)
2009, "13 Lessons in Performance Art", screening at Cinema TOP, Vienna
2009, "The Feauture Is Analogue –- Lomography", MAK, Vienna
2009, "Video in Progress 3: Performans za video", Center urbane kulture Kino Siska, Ljubljana
2009, "quelques images de la scène turque contemporaine", Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg
2009, "Unknown Sports, Indoor Exercises", Soloshow at Salzbuger Kunstverein, Salzburg
2009, "Performance// Frame", Gallery Anita Beckers, Frankfurt Am Main
2009, "What Keeps Mankind Alive?", "11th International Istanbul Biennial", curated by WHW (catalogue)
2009, "Red Thread", curated by WHW, TANAS, Berlin
2009, "The Seen and The Hidden: Dis_covering The Veil", Austrian Cultural Forum, New York (catalogue)
2009, "Video in progress 3", Gallery Photon Ljubljana (catalogue)
2009, "Photonic Moments IV", ProArtOrg, Belgrade
2009, "Positionen", Drei Drostei- Haus des Barock und der Moderne, Pinneberg
2009, "Unfair Provocation", Hafriyat Karaköy Istanbul (catalogue)
2010, "Where do we go from here?" curated by Bettina Spör, Secession Vienna (upcoming, catalogue)
2010, "White Out", curated by Cassandra Mehlhorn and Eva Liedtjens Kunsthaus Erfurt (Upcoming)
2010, "6th Berlin Biennial", curated by Kathrin Rhomberg (upcoming, catalogue)
2010, "Curated by Vienna" curated by Walter Seidl, Vienna
2010, "Starter", curated by René Block, Arter Istanbul (catalogue)
2010, "On Paper", Stalke Gallery, Denmark
2010, "Not a Lens But a Prisma", curated by Marcus Graf, Eugenio de Almeida Foundation, Portugal (catalogue)
2010, "Derrière le rideau, une génération hors d’elle…", curated by Yekhan Pinarligil, École des Beaux-Arts, Paris (catalogue)
2010, "Tactics of Invisibility", curated by Daniela Zyman, Emre Baykal, Gudrun Ankele, Gallery TBA 21, Vienna (catalogue)
2010, "Ankara - Vienna", Gallery NEV, Ankara (catalogue)
2010, "Starter", curator René Block, Arter Istanbul


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City : Istanbul / Vienna
Country : Turkey / Austria
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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