Nil Yalter

Style of Art : Artist / painter, video artist
Branch of Art : Video art
Art Profile :

Nil Yalter was born in Cairo in 1938. Having completed her studies in Istanbul, she went to Paris where she worked on painting, sculpture, installations and media for many years. She gave several courses on video arts at Sorbonne University for 1980-1995. She currently lives in Paris since 1965. Yalter is an artist who addresses ethnic problems, cultural identity and women’s issues, incorporating various materials and media into her work often. She concentrates on ethnic approaches and social situations relating to migration, cultural identity and women’s problems. Photography, documents, computer-video or performance are all used to reach audiences with work about human rights in an interactive way. It is said that the first real Turkish interactive artwork has been made by Nil Yalter. Her art works have been exhibited in Europe, Turkey, Taiwan and America. Some of them are in the permanent collections of Centre Georges Pompidou and Long Beach Museum of Art, California.

City : Paris
Country : France
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English /French
Images :