Nejat Kavvas

Style of Art : Artist / sculptor, glass artist
Branch of Art : Sculpture, glass Art
Art Profile :

Nejat Kavvas was born in Mardin in 1947. He studied art, history, classical studies and archeology while at school. In 1974 he graduated from the Department of Pharmacy at Marmara University in Istanbul. He is married to a New Zealander and settled down in New Zealand with his family.

Since childhood, Kavvas has been fascinated by the history and intrigue of glass. Due to his chemistry background, he invented a revolutionary sandblasting technique, formulated variety of mirrors, and developed metallic luster paints for glass industry. He was also a successful businessman who imported a large proportion of glassware from Europe and run his design company Tech Loom Rug and Carpet Creations based on established artist’s designs. In addition, he is serving as Honorary Consulate-General of Turkey in New Zealand since 1985.

Kavvas has attended many glass courses such as Glass Kilncasting Course, Artstation (2008), Glass Ladle Casting Course of Prof. Cassandra Straubing, California Polytechnic State University, San Louise Obispo, San Louise Obispo (2009), Zircar and Sandcasting Course, Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle (2009), the course of Prof. Etsuko Nishi at the Glass Furnace School in Istanbul (2009), and the flameworking course of Julie Denton at the Stipglass school in Tilburg, the Netherlands (2010). Currently, Kavvas continues his works at his own studio in Auckland′s North Shore, which was founded in October 2009. He was among finalists for a Ranomok Glass Prize in 2009, and Molly Morpeth Canaday 3D award in 2010.

Kavvas has visited hundreds of museums, art galleries and archeological sites throughout the world and gained inspiration from what he has observed and experienced over the years. This has led to his own desire to express the mythology of New Zealand in glass with particular emphasis on color.



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City : Auckland
Country : New Zealand
Phone : +64 21 66 12 44
Fax : +64 9 473 11 56
Preferred Lang. : Turkish, English, French, German, Arabic
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