Mürüvvet Türkyılmaz

Style of Art : Artist / contemporary artist
Branch of Art : Contemporary art
Art Profile :

Mürüvvet Türkyılmaz was born in Izmir. She lives and works in Istanbul and Rome. Her main areas of concern are geography and cartography as a means of dealing with issues of borders, isolation, and the compressed and fast social life, which exist in a specific time and space. In her works, Türkyılmaz uses installations, videos and drawings to address the fluidity of cultures and people in contradiction with the rigid and static charting of maps, with their clearly demarcated borders. The work is the result of tracings dependent on collective and personal memories. Türkyılmaz’s work is the journey on the physical as well as the political map.


1997-1999 Bilkent University Fine Arts Institution, Master Degree. Ankara-Turkiye

1992-1996 Bilkent University, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty, Fine Arts Department, Undergraduate Program- Ankara- Turkiye

1991-1992 Dokuz Eylül University, Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department, Izmir-Turkiye

Solo Exhibitions: 

2003 "Open Studio", Residency in Gasworks, London-UK. "VS." ("ect.") Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul

2004 "The Spirit of Geography", Dudelange Gallery, Luxembourg

2005 "The Geography of Fear", Change+Partner Contemporary Art, Rome

2010 ‘Unregistered Geographies’, Galeri Apel, Istanbul-Turkiye

2013 ‘unknown zone as far as it goes’, DEPO, Istanbul-Turkiye

Group Exhibitions: 

1997 "Youth Action-3/ Chaos", TUYAP, Istanbul; "1st International Youth Artists Triennial", Dolmabahce Cultural Center, Istanbul; "Prophecy", Bilkent University FADA, Ankara; "Art & Environment", METU Cultural Center, Ankara;  "Youth Action-2/ Deterritorialization", TUYAP, Istanbul.

1998 "Similarities-Differences / Guest", French Tower, Bodrum; "Youth Art-1", Kugulu Park, Ankara; "Youth Action-4", TUYAP, Istanbul.

1999 "Ground: Space- Surface-Layer" Bir dukkan: Art Space, Istanbul; "Vision D’Avenir" Biennale des Jeunes Createurs d′Europe et de la Mediterranée IX, Mattatoio, Rome; "Guest 2", Bilkent University FADA, Ankara. 

2000 "Resistence" Yildiz Art 1, YTU Art and Design Faculty, Istanbul; "The Cleaning Equipments", Apartment Project, Istanbul; "Isın Bası: Çizime Farklı Yaklaşımlar", Kasa Gallery, Sabanci University, Istanbul; "Resisting The Dark", Jardin de Wiltz, site-specific art work, Wiltz-Luxembourg. 

2001 "Divine Comedy", Urart Gallery, Istanbul; "All Day / Everyday", West LB, Istanbul; "Regrets, Reveries, Changing Skies", art works, Istanbul; "Re-Duchamp" Traveling Exhibition, Istanbul. 

2002 "Between The Waterfronts", Phoebus Gallery, Rotterdam; "60 Yıl 60 Sanatcı", Eczacıbaşı Sanal Museum, Istanbul; "Personal Geographies, Global Maps", Istanbul Pedestrian Exhibitions 1. ; "Arada Kalmak", Palmiye, Izmir; "Geleceğe Esintiler", Kasa Gallery, Istanbul. 

2003 Gasworks Studios Residency Programme, London. 

2003 "8th Havana Biennial", Havana; "Idea-Non-Realization" Art Gallery Pozega, Montenegro;(award 3.) "Shadows and Ghosts" Platform Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul. 

2004 "From Somewhere to Nowhere Without Return", Change+Partner, Rome-Italy; "Ustu Değil Kendisi", K2 Art Centre; "Turkey Plastic Dialogues", Brussels′ City Hall, Belgium; "Deposito Ontologico Contemporaneo", Change+Partner, Rome-Italy; "From Somewhere to Nowhere Without Return: Knowledge", Coleman Project, London. 

2005 “Waiting Room” Apartment Project, Istanbul; “Bu Sizin için” IMSG, Istanbul; “Türkiye′den Güncel Sanat” Kazakistan; “Change+Partner 2001-2005” Polish Institut of Rome; “1st International Artistic Flags Festival” The Golden Eye Centre, Serbia and Montenegro.

2006 “Zones of Contact 2006 Biennale of Sydney” Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney; “Copykiller” Akbank Culture and Art Center, Istanbul.

2008 ‘Fear of Thought’, Scénes du Sud: Méditerranée Orientale, Carré D’art-Musée d ‘Art, Nîmes-France.

2015 ‘Rock-Paper-Flower’, Ariel Sanat, Istanbul-Turkiye.

2017 ‘Critical Distance’, Ariel Sanat, Istanbul-Turkiye.


1999 "Between Longitude and Meridian" Cooperations, ArtWorkshop, Wiltz-Luxembourg. 

1999 UNESCO Bursary Programme, Cooperations Institution, Wiltz-Luxembourg. 

2004 "Convivialite", (Intervention on "Structure Multifunction" of Nicholas Floc’h with Selim Birsel), French Cultural Centre, Istanbul; "Buy a Dream Store", Apartment Project, Istanbul. (Selda Asal, M. Turkyilmaz); "Boz-Yap Döşeme", Bir dukkan: Art Space, Istanbul. (Selim Birsel, M. Turkyilmaz) Residency Programmes.

Some Trainings:

2016 “The Endless Perspectiveland” workshop at EMAA(The European Mediterranean Art Association), Lefkosa, Cyprus

1995 Jewelery Design on Silver in “ATLANTIS”, Ankara-Turkiye

1995 Archeologic founded objects drawings and Architectural trench drawings, Antalya- Elmalı-Hacı Musalar Archeologic site-Turkiye

1991 Izmir Archeology Museum

Some Scholarships:


1999 “UNESCO-ARCHBERG”, Cooperations-Wiltz- Luxembourg

1992-1996 Bilkent University Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty, Fine Arts Department, undergraduate education scholarship, Ankara-Turkiye

1997-1999 Bilkent University Fine Arts Institution, MFA scholarship, Ankara- Turkiye

Some Articles:

1996 Kafka: Davada zaman-mekan Yolculuğu, Dört Mevsim journal, no:3

1995 Biriktirici Olarak Koleksiyoncu, İletişim Press, Toplum ve Blim Journal, No: 68. 

1995 Remembering the False Boundaries:Alfredo Jaar, 4. International Istanbul Biennial, Bilkent University Press, No:1

Book: Between Extistent nd non-existent’, Muruvvet Turkyilmaz, 2015, Norgunk Publishing House

Some Academic Experiences:

2003-2009 History of Turkish Art, course, Yeditepe University, Fine Arts Faculty, Art Management Department, Istanbul-Turkiye

2003-2009 “Turkish Art in Republican Period”, course, Yeditepe University, Fine Arts Faculty, Art Management Department, Istanbul-Turkiye

2004-2005 “Visual Culture”, course, Yeditepe University, Fine Arts Faculty, Art Management Department, Istanbul-Turkiye

2004-2005 “Art&Culture”, course, Yeditepe University, Fine Arts Faculty, Art Management


Web Site : https://muruvvetturkyilmaz.wordpress.com
Email : mu.turkyilmaz@gmail.com
Phone : +90 212. 227 30 80 / +90532. 766 54 11
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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