Assist. Prof. Dr. Özge Samancı

Style of Art : Artist / media artist, comics artist, installation artist
Branch of Art : Media art, comics, installation art
Art Profile :

Assistant Professor Dr. Özge Samancı is an artist-academic based in Chicago, USA, who has an extensive background in comics and media arts. She has been making comics since she was a little girl growing up in Turkey. After graduating from the Mathematics Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Sciences at Boğaziçi University in 1999, she completed her Masters degree in Film and Television Department at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2001. She went to the US and completed another Master′s degree at the School of Communication Studies of Ohio University in 2005. She then completed her doctoral degree in Digital Media at the School of Literature Communication and Culture at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009. From 2009-2011 she worked at the Department of Art Practice of the University of California, Berkeley as an Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow. Since 2011 Samancı teaches as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Radio TV and Film of Northwestern University.

Dr. Samancı has presented many talks and papers in national and international conferences and seminars; and her papers have been published in various academic journals. She has published books: "Animasyonun Onlenemez Yukselisi / the irresistible rise of animation" (Istanbul: Istanbul Bilgi University Publications, 2014) and her autobiographical Graphic Novel "Dare to Disappoint" (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Release date Nov 17, 2015).

In addition to her academic career, Samancı has exhibited her art works and comics in various exhibitions. She has also shot short animation videos. She has served as a jury in several international film festivals. In 2015, Dr. Samancı received "2015, Clarence Simon Award for Teaching and Mentoring."

2015, FILE The New e-motion, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014, 11-14 Advances In Computer Entertainment (ACE), Madiera, Portugal
2013, November 12-15 International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS’13), Istanbul, Turkey
2013, November 12-15 Advances In Computer Entertainment (ACE), Twente, Netherlands
2013, June 13-23 If a System Fails in a Forest, ISEA, 19th International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Sydney, Australia
2013, June 7-9, Athens International Video Arts and New Media Festival, Athens, Greece
2013, May 9-May 18,WRO Media Arts Biennial, Galeria Entropia, Wroclaw, Poland
2012, November 1-January 11, Word 6, The Arcade Gallery, Chicago
2012, 8-11 August, University Film and Video Association Conference, New Media Exhibition, Chicago
2012, February 19-April 15, Crossing Wires: Technology and Play, Evanston Art Center
2011, November15 - present, 2011The Tech Test Zone 2011Hands-On Emerging Technology, Pixel Wall, Tech Museum, San Jose.
2010, November 3-13, 2010 Art Practice Faculty Show, Worth Ryder Art Gallery
2010, June 21- present, Planting Comics, UC Berkeley Botanical Garden
20 location-based comics printed on ceramic tiles installed on metal stands.
2010, June 27 – August 22, International Mail Art Exhibition, Armory Center for Arts, Pasedena
2010, August, Mail Art Exhibition, Gallery KG52, Stockholm
2009, 24 June - 3 July, Ordinary Things II in Sycamore Place Gallery, Atlanta
250 artworks from my online comics-collage journal, Ordinary Things,
2009, 2 May Collaborations Atlanta, Blue Tower Art Gallery, Atlanta
2008, 3-17 March, Ordinary Things Exhibition in Art House Coop, Atlanta
248 artworks from my online comics-collage journal, Ordinary Things,
2007, 6th April, Listening Machines Show at Eyedrum, Atlanta
Collaboration on the construction of Aimee Rydarowki’s installation, Murmur, an interactive kinetic relief sculpture and multi-sensory display.

Short films:
"No Title," 2008, Video-Animation, created by Özge Samancı and Geoffrey Thomas, 10 minute
Sonic Generator Concert, 2008, 3rd April, Screening of the video accompanied with a live flute performance by Jessica Sherwood

"Gobek Bagi (Umbilical Cord)," 2004, Fiction-Video, created and directed by Özge Samancı, 5 minute
Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2005, Screening
If Istanbul Shorts, 2005, Screening

"Gozluk (Glasses)," 2000, created and directed by Özge Samancı, 3 minute 18 second
13th Ankara International Film Festival, 2001, Screening
13th Istanbul Short Film Festival, 2001, Screening
IFSAK Short Film Festival, 2001, Screening


Foundation : Northwestern University
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City : Chicago
Country : U.S.A.
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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