Mehmet Ali Uysal

Style of Art : Artist / sculptor, installation artist, video artist
Branch of Art : Sculpture, video, visual art
Art Profile :

Mehmet Ali Uysal was born in Mersin in 1976. He graduated from the Department of City and Regional Planning in the Faculty of Architecture at Middle East Technical University in 1998. In the same year, he started giving Elective Sculpture Course as a part-time instructor in the Department of Fine Arts and Music at his alma mater. In 2003, he became a research assistant at the same department. He competed his master’s degree on sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Art of Hacettepe University in 2005, and his doctoral degree with proficiency in arts in 2009. Uysal attended an exchange program and studied at Ecole nationale Supérieure d′Dart de Bourges, France between 2007 and 2008. In 2009, he participated in the VII. International Days of Philosophy, "Rebellion" and presented his paper “Can 9/11 be an Artwork?". Currently, Uysal continues his work in Ankara and teaches at the Department of Fine Arts and Music of Middle East Technical University.

1998, Angora Art Exhibition, Angora Evleri, Ankara
1998, Sculpture Exhibition, METU Cultural and Convention Center Art Gallery, Ankara
2004, "Unreal Realities”, METU, Ankara.
2004, 5th Hasanoglan Art Festival Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Ankara
2005, Tebdilimekan (Changing Place), One Man Show, Under Construction -Tepe- Contemporary Art Space, Istanbul (Curator: Marcus Graf)
2005, 24th Contemporary Artists Exhibition, with Jury Special Award, Aksanat, Istanbul (Curators: Emre Baykal, Suzanne van de Ven, Marcus Graf)
2005, Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery Concept, Ankara
2005, "Familiarization with the Art and Culture of Europe Project, Multicultural Identity: Cultural Heritage, Art, Image" University Students′ Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Ankara
2006, Contemporary Istanbul, International Art Fair, Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center, Istanbul
2006, "So Far Away From Here", A public Space Project. Haydarpasa Train Station, Istanbul
2006, 16.TUYAP Art Fair, TUYAP, Istanbul
2006, Golyazi Project, Artists Residency Program, Bursa
2006, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Incheon
2006, "So Far Away From Here", A public Space Project. Ankara Train Station, Ankara (Curator: Done Otyam)
2006, Hacettepe University Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Ankara
2006, Anarchy, Gazi University Art Gallery, Ankara
2007, "Gerçekçi ol, imkansizi talep et! / Be a realist, demand the impossible!" Karsi Sanat, Istanbul (Curator: Halil Altindere)
2007, XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics" Aesthetics Bridging Cultures" Exhibition Solo Show, METU
2007, "Mixed media in a gallery", Pyramid Sanat, Istanbul
2007, "Recalls - Reminders", Galerist, Istanbul
2007, "Art and Money", Siemens Sanat, Istanbul (Curator: Marcus Graf)
2008, "Cruise Experiences", Contemporary Art Center, Ankara
2008, "Truths and Mirages", Video Exhibition, Sofia
2008, "Jeune Creation", Group Exhibition, Grand Hall de La Villette, Paris
2008, "Sometime, Somewhere", Group Exhibition, Gallery Daire Sanat, Istanbul
2008, "Le Vent Des Forets", Contemporary Art Residency, Meuse
2008, "Art is my playground" Group Exhibition, Istanbul
2008, "Ex-libris" Solo Show, Gallery Eigheinheim, Weimar
2009, "Good, Bad, Ugly", Group Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Ankara
2009, "in search of lost reality: nevgeneration", Group Exhibition, Gallery NEV, Ankara

Project involved:
2004, Involvement to 2nd Stone Sculpture Symposium As assistant of a Japanese Sculptor, Masami Aihara, Beytepe, Ankara
2004, Involvement to Hasanoglan Art Festival
2005, Involvement to the 2005 Activities of International Amnesty Organization, as coordinator of the activities and as sculptor together with Erdal Duman for a Monument
2007, XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics" Aesthetics Bridging Cultures" Exhibition
2009, Kaleidoscope Europe, Ankara, Lisbon
2009, Bauhaus Impact, Ankara, Weimar



Foundation : Middle East Technical University , Department of Fine Arts and Music
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City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0312. 210 21 16 / 0535. 866 12 88
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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