Ceren Oykut

Style of Art : Artist / painter, installation artist
Branch of Art : drawing, installation, digital images, maltidisciplinary projects including sound
Art Profile :

Ceren Oykut was born in Istanbul in 1978. She graduated from the Painting Department of Mimar Sinan University in 2002. She draws about urban culture focused on daily realities. She also produces multidisciplinary projects, which blend sound and visual representation modes through drawings on urban cultures of her hometown Istanbul and past traditions like shadow theatre and calligraphy. Her drawings were presented in various magazines such as L-inc, Kontrol, Roll, and Fuct-D. She also works with a music band called “Baba Zula” and a collective called “Anabala” by creating and rendering projected digital images in real time on the stage. She has participated in many projects in Turkey and abroad including Belgium, Germany, Austria, Serbia and Montenegro, and Egypt. Currently, Oykut lives and works in Istanbul.

Solo Exhibitions:
2003, “Drawing Exhibition”, Kultur Köln 30, Köln
2005, “Utopia” Karaburun Festival, Izmir
2006, “Musical Drawings” Karaburun Festival, Izmir
2006, “City Can- Kustepe Branch” curated by Marcus Graf, Under Construction Contemporary Art Space, Kustepe, Istanbul
2006, “City Can” curated by Marcus Graf, Under Construction Contemporary Art Space, Maltepe, Istanbul
2008, "Lost Passport", KiBela Art Space, Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2001, “Dükkan Dövmeciyan”, Anabala Han, Beyoglu, Istanbul
2003, "Belvu Apartment", Galatasaray, Istanbul
2004, "The Visitor", Galerist, Istanbul (curated by Emre Baykal, Rob Perree)
2004, "23rd International Contemporary Artists Exhibition", Istanbul and Diyarbakir (curated by Başak Şenova, Anton Lederer, Eyal Danon)
2005, "Project:Production Fault", Hafriyat Group Exhibition,Antrepo5, Istanbul
2005, “Young Art Europe” Museum of Young Art, Wien
2005, " Outliners" Art Transponder, Berlin
2005, “Öcü”, Neurotitan, Berlin
2005, "The Thieving City" Akbank Culture and Art Center, Istanbul (curated by Levent Çalıkoğlu)
2005, "Tele-City", Siemens Art Center, Istanbul (organized by Nomad)
2006, "Everything′s Gonna be Allright", Apartment Project, Istanbul
2006, “Rejection Episodes", Arts Centre Vooruit, De Centraale, Ghent (curated by Basak Senova)
2006, “Yerel Cennet”, (Local Heaven) Hafriyat Group Exhibition, Diyarbakir
2006, "Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair", Lutfi Kirdar Fair Center, Istanbul
2006, “Topkapi”, Spedition, Bremen
2006, "All About Lies" Apartment Project, Istanbul
2006, “Postcards from Stokholm/Istanbul”, collaboration with Selda Asal, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stokholm
2006, “Istanbul Defterdarlari”, Karsi Sanat Çalismalari, Istanbul
2007, "Allah Korkusu", Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul
2007, "Light, Illumination and Electricity" (curated by Basak Senova), Energy Museum, Santral Istanbul
2007, "Slow Space Fast Pace" an exhibition in public space, Cork, Ireland (curated by Rana Ozturk, Patrick Street no 23 Shandon)
2007, "2+1" a project by Apartment Project, Selda Asal, Ceren Oykut, Neriman Polat, 10th International Istanbul Biennial, Santral Istanbul
2007, "Sobe!", Bilsar Building, Istanbul (curated by Leyla Gediz)
2007, “Hafriyat Karaköy” Hafriyat Group Exhibition, Karaköy, Istanbul
2007, "From the Owner with Wiew", group exhibition, Ortaköy, Istanbul (curated by Derya Yücel)
2007, "Nothing is going to be all right", Apartment Project, Istanbul
2007, "Ardindan Degil Karsisina", Radikal Newspaper, street exhibition, Istanbul (curated by Övül Durmusoglu)
2008, "Memory City", Portable Art Project by Istanbul 2010 Visual Arts Project, Istanbul (curated by Derya Yücel)
2008, "Index. Zeichen Des Alltags", Kunstraum Palais Porcia, Wien (curated by Deniz Ova and Daniela Gregori)
2008, "Zig-Zag", Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul, (curated by Anila Viola Grumiller, Koray Kantarcıoğlu and Inci Furni)
2008, "Coincidences. Intuitions, Fictions on Istanbul" 2010 Office, exhibition series at the 3rd floor of Atlas Passage, Istanbul (curated by Deniz Erbaş)
2008, "Becoming Istanbul", cooperation between Garanti Galeri and DAM, parallel exhibition of Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany (curated by Pelin Derviş, Bülent Tanju and Uğur Tanyeli)
2008, "Save As..", Contemporary Art From Turkey, Triennale Bovisa, Milano (curated by Derya Yücel)
2009, "Reciprocal Visit", Tütün Deposu, Istanbul (project coordinator: Serra Ozhan)
2009, "Tracing", Sabancı University Kasa Gallery, Istanbul
2009, "Second Encounter" artSümer, Istanbul
2009, "Istanbul Zombie 2066", a graphic novel project by Mery Cuesta, La Capella, Barcelona
2009, "Le Spectacle Du Quotidien", Xe Biennale De Lyon, Musee d′Art Contemporain de Lyon (curated by Hou Hanru)
2009, "Quel Istanbul?", Centre De Photographie De Lectoure, Lectoure
2009, "No Room For Panic" Galeri Outlet, Istanbul
2009, "I Dream But.." Maison Folie Moulins de Lille (with Selda Asal and Serdar Ateşer)
2009, "Istanbul Traversee " Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille (exhibition commissaire: Caroline Naphegyi)
2010, "Reciprocal Visit", Multimedia Centre CyberSRCeLab, MMC KIBLA, Maribor
2010, "A Dream...but not Yours: Contemporary Art from Turkey", National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC

2005-2002, K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkish-German artists collaboration, hosted by Stad Köln, Köln
2006, “Topkapı”, Spedition, Bremen
2006, “Open Sound Studio” with Anabala, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
2007, "Light, İllumination and Electricity" Santral Istanbul, Istanbul

Reference: cerenoykut.blogspot.com, artfacts.net, Unleashed Contemporary Art from Turkey, (ed. Hossein Amirsadeghi, London: TransGlobe Publishing, 2010), p. 226-227.

Web Site : www.cerenoykut.blogspot.com
Email : coykut@yahoo.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :