Musa Kart

Style of Art : Artist / caricaturist
Branch of Art : Caricature
Art Profile :

Musa Kart was born in Yeniceoba, the district of Konya in 1954. His first caricature was published in Ankara, while he studied engineering in 1974. In 1983, he quit his work as an engineer and began drawing caricature professionally for newspapers such as Milliyet, Güneş, Günaydın, Cumhuriyet and Nokta magazine. Since 1994, Kart has drawn daily caricature in the column “Çizmeden Yukarı” of Cumhuriyet newspaper. In 2006, he was awarded “Freedom of the Press" by the Turkish Journalist Society.

1985, "the Journalist of the Year", (Contemporary Journalists Association)
1985, First prize on the category of "Press Sport Caricature” (Amateur Sport Club Confederation)
1991, Award of Merit (Journalist Association)
1995, "Caricature Prize for Democracy", (Caricaturists Association)
1996, "The Journalist of the Year", (Contemporary Journalist Association)
1998, "The Caricaturist of the Year", (Siyaset Magazine)


City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :