Adnan Polat

Style of Art : Artist / photographer
Branch of Art : Photography
Art Profile :

Adnan Polat was born in Erzurum in 1960. He quitted the Ballet Department at Ankara State Conservatory, and started working as a photographer, which was his father’s profession. Polat has been working at his photograph studio, which he founded in 1982. In 1980’s, he became a member of AFSAD (Ankara Photographer Association) and began participating in many group exhibitions and panels including “Anadolu”, “Cappadocia”, “Saftranbolu”, “Yedi Göller”, and “Kent Öyküler”. Polat also held his shows such as “Creative Cappadocia” (the Istanbul Inter Camera Fair),  “Retrospective” and “Panoramic Stories” (the Ankara Contemporary Arts Center and the Istanbul 9th Photograph and Digital Image Fair),  “Durağan Hüzünler” (the Ankara Contemporary Arts Center) and “Onlar” (Cyprus Near East University). He helped to establish the photograph gallery, Lotus Photography Activities Center. Polat has served as a jury member, tutor and adviser in the field of art photography. His photographs and portfolios have been published in many photograph magazines. Polat served as a director, publication committee member and founder in FSK (Photograph Art Association). He has published 6 books “Arinna”, “Anımsatmalar”, “Durağan Hüzünler”, “MetalikSeslenişler”, “Panoramik Öyküler” and “Onlar”. In 2004, he was awarded as “the Artist of the Year” by the Ankara Art Society. He is a member of Aturjet International Tourism Writers and FIJET (Journalist Association). Polat currently continues his work in Ankara.


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City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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