Prof. Adem Genç

Style of Art : Artist / painter
Branch of Art : Painting
Art Profile :

Prof. Adem Genç was born in Rize-Ardeşen in 1944. He graduated from the Department of Arts and Craft at Ankara-Gazi Institute of Education in 1965. He was awarded the Turkish Government Scholarship to pursue his further studies abroad. By his own preference, he went to England and continued his study at Bournemouth and Pool College of Art between 1969 and 1971. He then completed his Master’s degree in the Department of Advanced Painting at the Saint Martin′s School of Art in London in 1974.

After he returned to Turkey, Genç was appointed to Samsun Institute of Education. In 1978, he left Samsun and worked as a teaching assistant at Aegean University in Izmir. He then taught at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, where he founded the Department of Applied Arts and the Painting Department. He served as Chair in these departments. Having completed his doctoral degree, Genç became an Associate Professor in 1987 and Full Professor in 1992. With his scientific project and proposal, Genç was awarded Fulbright Post Doctoral Scholarship and worked at California State University in Chicago as an exchange scholar between 1991 and 1992. He participated in the “Houston International Festival” as the designated artist for Turkey in 1995. He joined “The Second International Art Biennial” in Beijing and delivered a paper at the academic seminar in the City of Hefei.

Genç has held over 30 solo exhibitions in Turkey and many solo international exhibitions. He was awarded 12 prizes, three of which were first prizes including the First Prize of İnönü Foundation Painting Competition, which was held in Ankara in 1984. His works are included in national, international and private collections in Turkey and foreign countries such as England, Slovenia, Germany, Australia, Switzerland and the US. Genç has published two books and many articles. He has delivered papers at national and international symposiums in the field of Art, Art Philosophy and Art Education. His comprehensive bibliographic book was published in January 2004 by Bilim Sanat Galerisi in Istanbul, with the text of poet and art critic, Ahmet Oktay. Since 1999, Prof. Genç has served as Dean in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Beykent University.

Genç, A., “Dada / Entropi ve Nedensizlik Açısından Dadacı Sanat Hareketlerinin Çözümlenmesine İlişkin  Bir Yöntem Araştırması” (A Methodical Research Concerning the Analysis of Dadaist Art Movements on the Evidence of Dada/Entropy and Causelessness),  Faculty of Fine Arts Publications, Izmir, 1983.
Genç, A., Sipahioğlu, A., “Görsel Algılama / Sanatta Yaratıcı Süreç” (Visual Perception / Creative Process in Arts), exhibition catalogue, Izmir, 1990.
Bibliographic Source of Publication: Oktay, A., “Adem Genç-Post-Dada Pop Sürecinde Yeni Soyut Yaklaşımlar / Adem Genç-The New Abstract Approaches During Post Dada and Pop Period.

1979, DYO Painting Competition, “Citation”
1980, State Painting Competition, “Award of Accomplishment”
1981, Painting Competition of Atatürk′s Image, “Citation”
1983, State Painting Competition, “Award of Accomplishment”
1984, İnönü Foundation Painting Competition, “First Prize”
1985, Izmir Camber of Commerce Painting Competition, “Citation”
1986, DYO Painting Competition, “Citation”
1986, Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) Painting Competition, “Jury Special Prize”
1987, DYO Painting Competition, “Award of Accomplishment”
1990, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Painting Competition, “First Prize”
1996, DYO Painting Competition, “Award of Accomplishment”
2000, Ankara Art Council, “Artist of the Year Award”


Foundation : Beykent University
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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