İrfan Alkur

Style of Art : Master craftsman / wood worker (musical instruments)
Branch of Art : Musical instruments: kabakkemane (violins made of gourd)
Art Profile :

İrfan Alkur was born in Tire, Basköy village in 1956. He spent his childhood in the village. When he was 13 years old, Alkur started making kabakkemane (violins made of gourd), which he could not find in his village, although he wanted to learn to play. He made great effort to make violins using hair from a horses tail. Since 1970, Alkur has been making kabakkemane. He was interviewed by Turkish television (TRT) for reporting his works.

Foundation : Alkur Müzik
Email :
City : Tire
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0536. 892 61 36
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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