Erhan Türkmenoğlu

Style of Art : Master craftsman / wood worker
Branch of Art : Wood carving
Art Profile :

Erhan Türkmenoğlu was born in Osmaniye in 1975. He learned wood carving from his father and has continued his family’s business for 15 years. He makes kitchen utensils: wooden spoons, forks, ladles, colanders, casters and spatulas with sandalwoods which come from the Karatepe Mountains in the Kadirli district. He sells them at a club in the Karatepe Aslantaş Archaeology Museum National Park. Erhan’s brothers Turhan, İrfan and Zeki also learned this profession and work with Erhan together.

City : Osmaniye
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0328. 719 22 43/ 0543. 765 09 54
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :