Bilal Karabulak

Style of Art : Master craftsman / wood worker (cane)
Branch of Art : Ahlat Alas canes, sticks
Art Profile :

Bilal Karabulak was born in Ahlat in 1982 and finished Ahlat Selçuk High School. In 1996 he learned how to make canes from his father, Ömer Karabulak. Bilal Karabulak participated in the International Culture and Art Fair in Ankara (1999); Izmir Fair (2001); the Handicrafts Fair in Istanbul, Sultanahmet (2005), which was held by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism; the Altıneller Fair in Istanbul (2008).He continues to work at his Aras Baston workshop in Ahlat.

Foundation : Ahlat Aras Baston
Email :
City : Bitlis
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0434. 412 62 59 / 0537. 239 91 48
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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