Ayşe Özkaraca

Style of Art : Master craftsman / basket maker
Branch of Art : Baskets
Art Profile :

Ayşe Özkaraca was born in Aksaray in 1945. She finished Ağaçlı primary school in the district of Gülağaç. She weaves traditional handicraft baskets. Basketry and mat making are some of the oldest handicrafts in Anatolia. They are becoming sparse and are being forgotten in time.  Baskets have been woven with different plants and techniques in every region in Turkey and used for many functions: collecting plants, preservation of food supplies and carrying objects. Basket-making skills are being forgotten, and vanishing, but a few craftsmen like Ayşe Özkaraca are still preserving this craft.

Foundation : GÜLAĞAÇ Public Education Center
Web Site : www.gulagachem.net
Email : bunyaminhem@hotmail.com
City : Aksaray
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0382. 431 21 42/ 0542. 743 54 58
Fax : 0382. 431 21 42
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :