Ali Koray Ersoy

Style of Art : Master craftsman / wood worker
Branch of Art : Wooden chests covered with kilim
Art Profile :

Ali Koray Erson was born in 1962 in Tokat, the district of Niksar, where kilims were woven and wooden works were made by hand. He grew up in such an environment, he developed an interest in the crafts from an early age. At first he started making wooden works, especially chests. He then began using kilims to cover chests. Currently he is using special polishing techniques to show the chests natural beauty. Ersoy has been carving woods and making chests covered with kilim, boxes, chairs and sofas for 30 years.

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City : Tokat
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0356. 551 14 14 / 0537. 234 19 62
Fax : 0356. 551 14 14
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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