Ahmet Şahin

Style of Art : Master craftsman / wood worker
Branch of Art : Wooden ornamental inlaid works (marquetry)
Art Profile :

Ahmet Şahin was born in Trabzon, Vakfıkebir Hamzalı village in 1956. After finishing primary, middle and high school in Trabzon, he went to Ankara and graduated from Ankara Technical College in 1979. He taught in the Department of Furniture Decoration at the Industry Vocational High School. Currently he continues to teach at Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. He started making wooden ornamental inlaying works (marquetry), when he was a student. He has been continuing to make marqutery series, “Turkish Traditional Houses”, at his workshop. He frames these two dimensional works and exhibits in many fairs and galleries. His works have also been highlighted by several TV programs.

Web Site : www.ahmetsahin.com.tr
Email : ahmetsahin56@gmail.com
City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0312. 360 47 14 / 0532. 635 76 61
Fax : 0312. 342 07 34
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :