Gülhis Diptaş

Style of Art : Master craftsman / illumination and miniature artist
Branch of Art : Illumination (Tezhip) and miniature
Art Profile :

Gülhis Diptaş was born in Adana and currently lives in Istanbul. After finishing Ayas High School, she continued her education on Business Administration and majored in Computer Programming in Washington D.C. Diptaş began learning illumination (Tezhip) in the Seven Art House in 1990. Since 1990, she has worked with Dr. Cahide Keskiner at Topkapi Palace Museum and her private studio. Diptaş also teaches at her studio. She has given lectures about illumination and demonstrated in Turkey and abroad. Diptaş has had 32 solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad.

Her exhibitions:
1995, Women’s Eye Exhibition’ in the World Bank, Washington D.C.,  USA
1995-1997, 7th and 8th Turkish Illuminating Arts Exhibition
1993-1998, Five solo exhibitions, “Antiques of the Future”, Istanbul, Adana, Mersin
1999, Solo Exhibition, “75th Year of Turkish Republic”, New York Turkish Fed., USA
2000, Solo exhibition, European Council Exhibition Center Strasbourg, France
2003, Solo exhibition “Women in Art”, Rockville Municipal Center, Maryland, U.S.A
2003, Solo exhibition, Indus Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2004, Solo exhibition, “80th Year of Turkish Republic”, Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey
2004, Solo exhibition, Turkish Information Office, Paris, France
2004, Solo exhibition, T.O.B. Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2008, Solo exhibition, “Mevlana”, The Eighth Street Gallery, Washington D.C., USA
2007-2008, Solo exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
2008, Solo exhibition, European Council Exhibition Center, Strasbourg, France

Web Site : www.gulhisdiptas.net
Email : gulhisdiptas@hotmail.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0532. 272 35 95
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :