Gülbün Mesara

Style of Art : Master craftsman / illumination (Tezhip) and miniature
Branch of Art : Illumination (Tezhip), miniature
Art Profile :

Gülbün Mesara was born in Istanbul. She finished her middle and high school education at Üsküdar American College for Girls. She attended the traditional Turkish Art seminars of her father and the great master Prof. Dr. A. Süheyl Ünver for a long time. She received a professional license from the master in 1972. Between 1976 and 1980, Mesara taught illumination (Tezhip) and miniature arts in the Turkish Women Culture Association (TURKKAD) in Ankara. Between 1980 and 1985, she went to the US, and made her research at libraries and museums. She has had many solo exhibitions and has participated in various group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Between 1987 and 2008, Mesara served as a director in the A. Süheyl Ünver Workshop (Nakışhanesi), which belonged to the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul University, and trained numerous students. She has published many books including “Türk Sanatında İnc e Kâğıt Oymacılığı (Kaatı) (Istanbul, 1991)”, “A. Süheyl Ünver Bibliography” (Istanbul, 1998), “The Turkish Rose” (Istanbul, 2002), “Türk Süsleme Sanatçıları – Müzehhipler cilt 1” (Istanbul, 2007), “Süheyle Ünver’in Konya Defterleri” (Istanbul, 2008), “Türk Süsleme Sanatçıları Cilt 2” (Istanbul, 2010) and “Süheyl Ünver’in Bursa Defterleri” (Istanbul, 2011).

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Email : g.mesara@superonline.com
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0216. 350 55 96
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :