Figen Tekiner

Style of Art : Master craftsman / illumination (Tezhip) artist
Branch of Art : Illumination art (Tezhip)
Art Profile :

Figen Tekiner was born in Istanbul. She graduated from the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Istanbul University. In 2000, she started learning illumination art (Tezhip) with Emel Türkmen. Tekiner obtained her professional license in illumination in 2005. In 2008, she started learning miniature and flower paintings at the Orhan Dağlı workshop. Currently, Tekiner continues to work with Emel Türkmen and the Altından Haleler Illumination Group, and Orhan Dağlı. Between 2006 and 2008, Tekiner taught illumination art at Private Çınar College. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and fairs in Turkey and abroad. She has worked with many calligraphers including Savaş Çelik, Mehmet Memiş, Hüseyin Türkmen, Ömer Faruk, Davut Bektaş, Adem Sakal, Ali Hüsrevoğlu, Tahsin Kurt, and Ahmet Kutluhan. Tekiner has received many awards for her illumination works. Her works can be seen in many private and public collections such as the collection of the Ministry of Culture of the Arab Emirates and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Since 2010, Tekiner has taught illumination art at Nun Art Studio.

2005, Exhibition award, 13th State Turkish Decorative Arts, illumination competition
2006, Third prize, "rose" themed competition, İSMEK
2007, Third prize, Traditional Turkish Decorative Arts competition, İSMEK
2007, Exhibiting award, 14th State Turkish Decorative Arts illumination competition
2008, First prize, "Istanbul" themed competition, İSMEK on the occasion of Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010
2009, Fifth prize, Abu Dhabi Ministry of Culture "Al Burda" International 6th. Period Illumination competition
2009, Exhibition award, 15th State Turkish Decorative Arts, illumination competition
2010, Mention award, Abu Dhabi Ministry of Culture "Al Burda" International 7th Period Illumination competition

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Foundation : Nun Art Studio
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0216. 310 69 87
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / Arabic
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