Feyza Oyat

Style of Art : Master craftsman / papercut (Kaati), illumination (Tezhip), marbling (Ebru), and miniature artist
Branch of Art : Papercutting (Kaatı), illumination art (Tezhip), marbling art (Ebru) and miniature
Art Profile :

Feyza Oyat was born in Divriği in 1949. After graduating from the Department of Painting and Work at Ankara Gazi Institute, she taught painting at many schools. Since 1996, she has concentrated on Traditional Turkish Decoration Arts. Oyat learned illumination (Tezhip) and miniature from Gülbün Mesara, marbling  (ebru) from Hikmet Barutçugil, and paper cutting (Katı) from Dürdane Ünver. She has also studied classical bookbindery with the master İslam Seçen. Oyat obtained a professional license in illumination (Tezhip) and miniature at the Prof. Dr. Süheyl Ünver Workshop within the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine; and a license in paper cutting (Katı) and marbling (ebru) at the Education Center of the Department of TBMM National Palaces. Since 2000, she has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions in Turkey. In 2007, she had her solo exhibition at the Dolmabahce Palace Exhibition Hall. Currently, Oyat continues to work in the workshop of the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul University.

Reference: feyzaoyat.com, istanbulunustalari.com, İstanbul’un Ustaları (Istanbul: İstanbul 2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkenti, 2010), p.114.

Web Site : http://feyzaoyat.com
Email : feyzaoyat@mynet.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0536. 675 43 01
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :