Fatma Zehra Aktaş

Style of Art : Master craftsman/ ceramic decorator, miniature and illumination
Branch of Art : Ceramics, miniature and illumination(Tezhip)
Art Profile :

Fatma Zehra Aktaş was born in Istanbul in 1948. She finished the Painting Department of Istanbul Selçuk Vocational High School for Girls. For the past 18 years Aktaş has continued to learn miniature at Cerrahpaşa Süheyl Ünver Nakışhanesi. She also took a miniature class from the famous miniature artist Nusret Çolpan for 5 years. Aktaş received an award of merit in the branch of ceramics from Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1998 and an honorable mention in the branch of miniature from Vakıflar General Directorate in 2006. Currently, Aktaş continues to teach illumination (Tezhip) at Yalova Nakışhanesi. She has had many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Her works can be seen in many private collections.

Email : fatihaktaş44@hotmail.com
City : Yalova
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0226. 814 70 05 / 0533. 211 55 13
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :