Assistant Prof. Fatma İnci Birol

Style of Art : Master craftsman / illumination (Tezhip) artist
Branch of Art : Illumination (Tezhip)art
Comment : Classic Turkish Book Arts (illumination, miniature)
Art Profile :

Assistant Prof. Fatma İnci Birol was born in Istanbul in 1942. She graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physics and Mathematics. After her graduation she taught physics at several high schools and colleges for 16 years. Parallel to her work, she attended private courses from Prof. Dr. A. Süheyl Ünver (1958-1970), Muhsin Demironat (1974-1983) and Rikkat Kunt (1976-1986) on Turkish Illumination Arts and received a certificate (icazet) on Illumination Arts. In 1988 upon the request of the university, Birol transferred to the Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts and started to teach at the Department of Turkish Traditional Handicrafts in the area of illuminations and Miniatures. In 1991 she received a certificate of Illumination Arts, equivalent to a Ph. D. degree, from Selçuk University, Institute of Social Sciences. Birol became an Assistant Professor in 1992. In 1965-1966 and 1992-1993, she went to Vienna to research Turkish Hand written books at the Austrian National Library and several museums. In 1966, she held an exhibition on Turkish-Islamic Arts at the Turkish Cultural Representative in Vienna. Between 1989 and 1994, Birol participated in a group exhibition in Oberlech, Austria. In 1993 she gave a presentation and prepared an exhibition on Turkish Illumination Arts in the Vienna International Center.

In 2000 Birol retired from Marmara University. A year later she found herself among the founding members of the Department of Turkish Traditional Handcrafts in Selçuk University. Since then she has been lecturing to graduate and post-graduate students there. She has published around 50 articles and papers. In 1991 she published a book, “Motifs in Turkish Decorative Arts” in collaboration with Prof. Çiçek Derman. In 2002 she gave a presentation on Turkish Arts in the II. Eurasia Conference “Nuclear Science and its Application”.

Birol founded a group called “Group Nokta” and continues her academic and cultural activities with this group. She has attended conferences and exhibitions in Turkey and abroad such as Berlin (Germany) in 2002; Lendeva (Slovenia) and Tokyo (Japan) in 2003; Roskilde (Denmark) and Stuttgart (Germany) in 2004; Islamabad (Pakistan) and Saraybosna in 2005. She also served as an adviser to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (2005) and Vakıflar genel Müdürlüğü (2002-2006). She participated in studies of several commissions for Ministry of Tourism and Culture (2004-2005) and contributed to the preparation of the “Turk-Islamic Encyclopedia”.

Foundation : Konya, Selçuk University, Faculty of Fine Arts
Email :
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : O216. 545 87 68, 0532. 490 35 26
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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