Erol Baştuğ

Style of Art : Artist / painter, sculptor, physician
Branch of Art : painting, sculpture
Art Profile :

Erol Baştuğ was born in Ankara in 1930. He graduated from the Medical School of Ankara University. He then moved to the United States for his post-graduate study. After 30 years, he retired from his profession of medical practice. He is a self-taught artist and has attended many workshops of locally known artists such as Harry Hobard for painting and Bill Hopen for sculpture. Baştuğ has been inspired by his uncle and painter Naim Ercizer. Baştuğ uses the “lost wax” technique for his bronze sculptures. Besides painting and sculpture, he makes miniature houses. Baştuğ has won several prizes and recognition awards in art exhibitions in West Virginia and St. Petersburg. Currently, he lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Email :
City : St. Petersburg
Country : U.S.A.
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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