Nasra Şimmes Hindi

Style of Art : Master craftsman / block printer
Branch of Art : Block printing
Art Profile :

Nasra Şimmes Hindi was born in Mardin in 1924. Block printing was her father’s profession and she has continued the craft in her home, which is more than 600 years old. She has decorated the walls of Süryani Churches and the monastery in Mardin with colorful textiles, which were printed with depictions of figures such as Jesus Christ and St. Maria. She also prepares new block patterns and uses them along with traditional ones such as Şahmaran and the mermaid. Her works can be seen abroad as well. A real concern is to find a way to pass the skills of traditional block printing to following generations.

City : Mardin
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0482. 213 78 05 / 0533. 643 76 84
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :