Cengiz Özekes

Style of Art : Master craftsman/ metal worker
Branch of Art : Knives
Art Profile :

The history of Özekes knives can go back to the 1890’s. Cengiz′s grandfather Hüseyin was known as a master of making rifles. He began making quality knives as well as rifles. Later Hüseyin taught his son Ali how to make knives. Ali Özekes also taught all the art of making knives to his brother Kazım Özekes. Kazım later taught this skill to his sons Cengiz and Erdoğan Özekes. The family has continued this profession from generation to generation until today. Cengiz also teaches knives making to his son Kazım. It takes a long time to make a perfect knife. The most important principle is to make fabulous knives which bear their family name. Özekes knives are indispensable for a person who visits Sinop and for foreigners, hunters and knife collectors.

Web Site : www.ozekes.com
Email : info@ozekes.com
City : Sinop
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0368. 261 18 91/ 0544. 696 47 19
Fax : 0368. 261 18 91
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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