Tacettin Diker

Style of Art : Master craftsman / shadow puppeteer
Branch of Art : Shadow Puppetry: Karagöz
Art Profile :

Tacettin Diker was born in Istanbul in 1923. He graduated from Istanbul High School for Boys and started working at Ziraat Bank. He retired after working for 25 years. Diker began working on shadow plays at a public center. He participated in classes of Camcı İrfan Açıkgöz, Nurettin Sevin and Ragıp Tuğtekin and learned how to make and play Karagöz. In 1974, Diker taught how to make and play Karagöz in a class, which was organized by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He also taught class in the Department of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Letters at Istanbul University. In 1998, he managed Karagöz School, which was founded by Children’s Foundation (Çocuk Vakfı) and taught how to make and play Karagöz. In 1997, Diker performed Karagöz in the play “Ah Karagöz Vah Karagöz”. He trained Hasan Hüseyin Karabağ. From 1974 to 2004, Diker performed Karagöz plays at Akbank Theatre for Puppet and Karagöz with a help of Ramil Balakin and Ayfer Balakin. As of today, Diker has continued to play Karagöz plays at Akbank Theatre for Children.

Diker has participated in many festivals and events, and demonstrated and had numerous workshops in Turkey and abroad such as France, Germany, Holland, Tunis, Cyprus, Italy and Austria. He is the member of UNIMA. In 1996, he received a service prize for Traditional Turkish Theater from the UNIMA. In 2005, Diker was awarded an honorary and service prize for occupation by the Sultanahmet Rotary Club. In 2010, he was awarded as one of the seven Turkish Living Treasures by UNESCO and the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Reference: karagozevi.com, images.google.com.tr

Web Site : www.karagozevi.com/Tacettin_Diker.html
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0216. 346 30 35 / 0533. 488 75 66
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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