Orhan Çakıroğlu

Style of Art : Master craftsman / leather shoes maker
Branch of Art : Leather shoes: Yemeni, çalık and sandals
Art Profile :

Orhan Çakıroğlu was born in Gaziantep in 1964. In his childhood, he began learning how to make leather shoes Çarık and Yemeni, which was his family′s business. In 1993, he succeeded his father′s profession and has been continuing since then. Çakıroğlu has participated in fairs and festivals, organized by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He is a member of KOSGEB. He prepared sandals and shoes for the films such as "Harry Potter" and "Troy." The profession of making Çarık and Yemeni shoes was nearly on the way out 20 years ago, but Çakıroğlu has revived this profession with the new models.

Foundation : Yemenici Hayri Usta
Web Site : yemenicihayriusta.com.tr
Email : yemenicihayriusta@hotmail.com
City : Gaziantep
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0543. 695 39 90 / 0535. 432 43 33
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :