Nevzat Çiftçi

Style of Art : Master craftsman / shadow puppeteer
Branch of Art : Shadow puppetry: Karagöz and Hacibat
Art Profile :

Nevzat Çiftçi was born in Ağrı Eleşkirt in 1967. He moved to Bursa with his family. He met Karagöz Puppet Theater in his childhood. He listened to Karagöz Theater on radio and imitated them. Çiftçi was invited to meetings and weddings to imitate Karagöz Theater. In the 1980s, Çiftçi started performing in the Bursa State Theatre. He also wrote scenarios and played not only in theater but also in many films. With the encouragement of Sinasi Çelikkol, Çiftçi studied Karagöz and its music with Orhan Kurt; Karagöz Theater and its scenario with Ünver Oral; puppet performing with Tacettin Diker; and intonation of Karagöz, talking and diction with Tuncay Tanboğa. Çiftçi has participated in many international festivals and workshops on Karagöz Theater. In 2009, he played Karagöz Theater at Zurich University in Switzerland. He also performed on the occasion of the visiting of the Queen Elizabeth in Bursa. Currently Çiftçi performs Karagöz Puppet Theater at the Bursa Karagöz Museum, which belongs to the Bursa Municipality. 


Foundation : Karagöz Museum
City : Bursa
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0224. 232 25 90
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :