Mustafa Gündüztekin

Style of Art : Master craftsman / leather boots
Branch of Art : Leather folding boots (Körüklü boots)
Art Profile :

Mustafa Gündüztekin was born in Havran, Balıkesir in 1945. After finishing primary school, he started working as a shoemaker in his father’s business. Gündüztekin developed his skill and became a master craftsman making leather holding boots “körüklü çizmesi”. At one time, folding boots were a symbol of wealth and power. Today a decreasing number of craftsmen make folding boots including Gündüztekin. The folding boots that he makes for special orders from abroad are known as “Zeybek Çizmesi”.

City : Balıkesir
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0266. 432 26 90/ 0537. 841 28 22
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :