Zekai Erdal

Style of Art : Master craftsman / glassmaker
Branch of Art : Glass work
Comment : Blue beads / Nazar boncuğu (worn to avert the evil eye) maker
Art Profile :

Mehmet oğlu Zekai Erdal was born in Görece in 1939. He produces blue beads (nazar or göz boncuğu) with traditional methods in the town of Görece in the Menderes region around Izmir. He improved the techniques and succeeded in producing colorful and modern pieces with good qualities and exported them to United States. Zekai Erdal has trained many young craftsmen. Erdal has been helping them to solve the problem of raw materials and how to find a market. 

City : Izmir
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0533. 713 07 29
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :