Şadi Asfuroğlu

Style of Art : Master craftsman / glassmaker
Branch of Art : Glasses
Art Profile :

Şadi Asfuroğlu was born in Antakya in 1962. He entered Istanbul State Fine Arts Academy, architecture school in 1979. Later he switched his area of study to dentistry at Marmara University. Since 1987 he has been working as a dentist. He took classes in the area of antique glasses and Anatolian hand-made glasses from glass craftsman, Sami Sefer Coşkun.  Writer and researcher, Mine Erbek supported and encouraged Asfuroğlu to work with glasses.

Web Site : www.antikcamevi.com, www.antiochianglassmuseum.com, www.antakyacammuzesi.com
Email : sadi.asfuroglu@hotmail.com
City : Antakya
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0326. 214 52 44 / 0533. 775 33 62
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :