Mahmut Sür

Style of Art : Master craftsman / glass maker
Branch of Art : Evil eye beads (nazar boncuğu)
Art Profile :

Mamhut Sür was born in Nazarköy, Izmir in 1962. Since 1942, the art of handcrafting glass evil eye beads have been continued in Nazarköy. Sür started making glass beads when he finished primary school. After returning from his military service, Sür began working at a glass factory of Paşabahçe. After closing the factory in 2001, he founded his workshop and started making glass evil eye beads. Since then, he has developed his skill and improved quality of his products, and, in 2010, was selected as one of the 16 craftsmen renowned for promoting cultural arts in danger of being lost. In the same year, Sür received "Turkey’s Living Human Treasures 2010 Awards" from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism in conjunction with UNESCO. In 2011, he was awarded a plaque from TÜSİAD. Sür currently lives and works in Nazarköy.


City : Izmir
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :