Yaşar Cengiz Çınar

Style of Art : Master craftsman/ felt maker
Branch of Art : Felts
Art Profile :

Yaşar Cengiz Çınar was born in Mersin in 1953. After graduating from Gazi University in 1976, he started his profession in Treasury General Directorate of the Finance Ministry. He performed as an Economic Counselor Turkish General consulate in Munich (Germany) and Turkish Embassy in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Çınar, still Branch Director in Treasury Undersecretariat, has worked as Consultant in the Research Commission for “The Problems of Traditional Handcrafts Producers and Craftsman” of Turkish Grand National assembly.

He has dealt with revitalizing especially Turkish handcrafts that show a tendency to extinct during his tasks within the country and abroad, and he has started felt craft as a hobby within this framework. He learned this craft from the masters such as Mehmet Girgiç in Konya and Yaşar Kocataş in Afyonkarahisar. Çınar continues his studies for drawing picture by felting the wool in order to carry the traditional felt craft that is introduced to the world by Turks, but shows a tendency to extinct to a different area and revitalize it.

Furthermore, Çınar carries studies for revitalization of felt craft among our traditional hand crafts by teaching it in different institutions especially in the rest homes and the kindergartens, for introduction of felt craft to Turkish people again, creating new utilization fields by adapting it to the industry and introducing the felt craft to the international area. Within this scope, he has arranged workshop studies for ghazis in the Rehabilitation Center of Gulhane Military Medicine Academy as of July 2007.

The exhibitions he has prepared / participated to date:

February 2005, Turkish – American Association “New Dimensions in felt Craft”
October 2005, Anatolian Agency “Contemporary comments in the felt craft”
November 2005, Kocaeli University Symposium on “Protecting keeping alive and transferring the Folk cultures the Future”
December 2005, Treasury Undersecretariat Picture exhibition
January 2006, Picture exhibition of Türkiye Kalkınma Bankası
June 2006, Kazdağları National Symposium
August 2006, Underwater Archeology Museum, Bodrum
July 2007, University of Economics and Technology
October 2007, Ankara Fine Arts Gallery
December 2007, Turkish-American Association
April 2008, Ankara Association
May 2008, Akdeniz University Art Activities
September 2008, Turkish-American Association Felt Atelier Exhibition
June 2009, Bodrum Marina Ottoman Shipyard


Web Site : www.keceustasi.blogspot.com
Email : cinaryasarcengiz@yahoo.com
City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0532. 783 20 65
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :