Fehmi Yavuz

Style of Art : Master craftsman/ stone worker
Branch of Art : Meerschaum pipes
Art Profile :

Fehmi Yavuz was born in Eskişehir in 1967 and finished primary school.  He started working at Meerschaum stone workshop. Later he began working beside his brother and learned how to carve this stone. For the past 15 years Yavuz has been working on Meerschaum stones and making beautiful decorative objects such as chessmen, beads, pipes and boxes. All pieces are artistic works: with delicate workmanship, he carves historical portraits, dragons, lions and eagles out of Meerschaum stone. Yavuz has served as a director in the Craftsmen Association of Meerschaum stone for 2 years.


Foundation : Beyaz İnci
Web Site : www.meerschaum-whitepearl.com
Email : fehmi@meerschaum-whitepearl.com
City : Eskişehir
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0222.220 23 12 / 0536. 254 41 43
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :