Birkan Sunar

Style of Art : Master craftsman/ soap maker
Branch of Art : Soaps
Art Profile :

Birkan Sunar was born in Istanbul in 1972. After graduating from the State Conservatory of Classic Turkish Music in Istanbul Technical University, she worked as a public relations manager in the IT industry. Sunar developed her hobby of making natural soap with the help of a chemist and decided to found her own company. In 2001 she published her firm’s website in the Turkish Language to explain the history and production of natural soap. In 2002 Sunar started producing and selling herbal natural soap as the brand “Sabuni” within the group of Turuncu Doğal Ürünler Ltd. Şti. She was awarded for her project on herbal natural soap in 2002 (by Rotary Colic), 2003 (by KAGİDER) and 2007 (as a jury prize by Anatolian Brand Competition). Sunar became a model for many people with her entrepreneurial story and was written into the fifth grade’s text book on social knowledge as a contributive entrepreneur in the economy and Turkey’s human resources.

Foundation : Sabuni Bitkisel Doğal Sabun
Web Site :
Email :
City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0312. 239 10 72/ 0533. 526 73 10
Fax : 0312. 239 13 23
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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